Help me to undy my diabetes

hi,im newbies two months ago dr said i have pre diabete then dr gave me meformin meds for me to take once a day then second months dr noticed my diabetes didnt improve and told me to take metformin twice a day now third months is coming up which i will see my dr very soon but yesterday i went to blood lab and drank glocouse whatever spell is something i had to drink to see how my diabetes because i asked my dr to please confirm me which one do i have pre diabete or for good to have diabete so i will know where to stand at… anyway i went yesterday four three hours first hour i got blood lab shot then they gave me drank then second hours blood shots, then third hours i got last shot… yay felt better to get out there…sitting there such as bored for me…then i still dont feel good i went to walk in clinic i told dr that i dont feel good i think i m having bladder infection cuz i keep going to bathroom and feel pressure thing like that dr gave me prescription for my bladder infection but dr also alert me abt my diabete he found out thru my unrine test that how and it shows 200 he said normal should be like between 90 to 110 but i explained to doctor that i believe it had to do with recently i went in for blood lab they had me drank glocouse yuk! dr understood… he still wants me to info my own doctor and he s going to send the lab anyway… i said ok… now since i found out its 200 dang that lots for my age im 40 yrs old and mother of four and do i get this diabete from gene or is it my weight because i believe i am overweight the only thing i got good news is i lost 9 pounds total in around almost 3 months i still dont know nothing much abt diabete type 2 or tpye 1 i dont know what the heck is that… i dont know if i m type 2 or 1 or what? i m surprised that my own doctor aint explains me to make sure i understand? is it because my deafness ?? doctor dont have the patient to explain? or what ? that go into my mind lots of questions to ask but dont know where to turn… hope this will help me to find and smooth my anxiety… funny thing is lately on and off i noticed myself is this foods good for my diabete but afriad to eat? is that normal? how i supposed to understand abt carbs, all that … i believe i will not able to pick up it may takes a while for me to pick up all info and learn to settle down with good foods habit instead of what is now i may eating bad foods??? by the way before i get off i do drink coffee once a while in the morning with flavor of hazelnut of course perhaps like 1 tsp or 2 tsp?? i just pour in but not like pouring and pouring … im just poured a bit in it for my coffee is it okay for me to drink?? or what? do i need to swtiched to diabete coffee?? gosh i dont know what more i can say i better shut up and wait til i hear any one of you can help me to undy?? thanks for your time and patient…like i said i m newbies and scared and need help have a good day