Here we go again

ok, I didn’t get to go see my son for visitation. (the van…need I say more? it needs real help.)
I cannot get it started. I tried moving the battery cables. I tried tapping the starter…(that worked twice!) Now, nothing. We’re sitting ducks.
I tried calling and talking to him and had to hang up… I just kept crying. I miss him.
I didn’t trust myself not to cry so I didn’t call on Sunday. Yesterday, Stephen called and was told he was in his room for the night. He wasn’t told what our son did wrong. :frowning: sigh…
I’ll try again tonight.
Meanwhile, the Atty that was appointed for Stephen turns out to be a guardian ad litem and cant do it. We still don’t know when we go to court or who the "atty " will be for him.
Just a few minutes ago… Stephen got fired. The company fired a guy last week… that no one wanted to see go. A really good hard worker. Now, they’re writing up everyone and just firing people like crazy. The union will step in; bills wont be paid on time.
Stephen is on the AFB now to see if he can get some manhours or an activation to wherever so that we can financially be ok. No idea if anything is available. He’ll take an overseas if he can get it.
sigh… when is this going to stop?
My bloodsugars are sitting between 98 and 200 on any given day. I’m testing 3 times aday… I’ll take that down to 2 starting tomorrow.Gotta save strips.Gotta love life. Gotta crunch on some more ice too. :slight_smile:

The union is going to go to arbitration. It could a a couple of months before he could go back to work 'if" they win the case. It’s job hunting time.
I’m not sure if I will continue to test. I know from the past few months what my averages are.
There are no activations available either.

Money sometimes it seems no matter how hard you try you can’t get it!! Good luck to you Meadowlark!! I don’t know when it will quit but maybe soon for you! Try to test atleast once aday if you can’t do anymore!!

My highest numbers are always in the morning. I drop down from whatever that point is. So, if I start at 190 like today… I’d probably be around 130 - 140 for lunch … depends on what I eat or dont eat as to what the number will be for dinner. The concern is for the family needs. Stephen will go apply for foodstamps today. We wont have much to cover the mortgage and other bills this month. Employment Security won’t start for 2 weeks. If it the arbitration goes bad… things could get to no place to live pretty fast.

I’m so sorry!! I really hope you guys can get the Emergancy food stamps for your family. Sometimes if you get the right worker and tell them a sad enough story they will help you out! Whoops didn’t mean to sound so dismal. Maybe on the morgage they will let you fall 3 months behind before they do anything but if your eletricty is like ours here they want you to pay the WHOLE bill or they will turn you off…No questions ask…They don’t do that with JUD or whatever they call it now but they do it with Southwestern who we get our power from ouyside of city limits now! Well I’ve been here for 19 years now not on JUD and that’s the way it’s always been here!! Hold on tight honey you know the saying when your rope breaks pleat the frays together and keep on holding? That’s what I’ve had to do more than once in the last 5 years around here!!!

We didn’t get to apply for foodstamps… office closed Fridays and closed Monday for holiday… we’ll get to it. We’re on an Electric coop here in town. They cutoff if the whole bill isn’t paid. We’ll be “braiding” alot.
Stress is really high. I did test for lunch and was 139. That means I was probably between 170 - 190 this morning. I’m gonna go crunch some “no calorie,no carb ice.”

Good diet there! HA!! Honey I’m really sorry about the foosstamp office there. Your Eletric Corp there sounds like Southwestern here! Do you have ANY family that can help you out right now? Maybe that’s one answer to your problems…I know family dosen’t always help but maybe…

LOL! His family didnt want us to get married 7 years ago. Mine is dead or missing in action. Parents are both dead. Cant find brother and sister thinks she is “holier than me” It’s all my fault. I should have listened to her and never had children… she didnt bother to tell me why. ( Her two boys have mental health disorders/ kicked out of the navy for aspbergers/autism and the other was a drug dealer for a few years… now turned good…last I heard.) My oldest brother? No one knows where he is or how to find him. I have his $10.00 inheritance check sitting in my desk along with mine. har har…:stuck_out_tongue: Wonderful thing… tudiabetes is a better family than mine.

Well your family defanitly leaves something to be desired! Mine well they don’t have a pot to pee in ever since my mom passed!! My dad spent the 29,000 in his new wife and now has nothing my grandmother well let’s just say she has done all she will for me. My kids ha never happen!! And that’s all the family I have unless you want to count my dad’s brothers and sisters. Ugh no thanks!!! Most of them can’t stay out of prison long enough to help out themselves!!! It’s been a really bad week to be me around here this week. My youngest and her brf broke up…She don’t want to admit it yet but how many “men” do you know who just need a “break” and sends their “heart and soul” back to the totally broke parents…My other has told me that she’s got to move back in with us on the 5th b/c her hubby goes to boot camp then, my dad went in the hospital last night due to high bp and heart problems. His “wife” didn’t even bother to call me and tell me this found out this afternoon! Oh and don’t forget that loving hubby of mine and his bleeding ulcers!He got some kind of medicen that seems to knock him out for HOURS at a time! I WANT THAT!!! HA!!

LOL!!! Doris, we’re great company for each other!
A couple of the guys where my hubby had worked at are trying real hard to try to get his job back for him. I hope it works. It’s nice to know a few of them really want him around.
On the other hand, today I hit an all time high afternoon number. teh darn meter did something wierd. It put the glucose number… 250 and something saying ketones with a question mark. sigh… Alot of stress? I dont know. I went head and tested before dinner just to make sure things were ok. I was 158 an 1 1/2 hours later.

It said you had keytones at 250?? Well mine says that too back up Dorid! I just don’t pay it attention now at like 450 I start paying it attention! HA!! Last night around here was a dosie! My stupid hubby decided he was well first of all he was talking to his mom! She’s been gone from this earth for like 17 years! Then he decided that I b$$$$$$$ at him too much so he was going on the road (trucking) with his nephew…walked out of the house and proceeded to pass out in our driveway! WE live like 100 ft from the road here and on a street infront of our house ppl come from the Dragstrip! Nother store there! but anyway he passed out there and fell down infront of the road and in our driveway. The ppl coming from it thought he had gotten run over and called the police (no I didn’t go check on him he was way too vilent at that time what can I say I want that medicen! He thiught all that time he was untouchable!!!) Who came out here and walked up to my house to tell me about this(this was after 4 cars of police and him acting like a fool with them) They in turn called an ambulance and during all this time ask me if he was drinking! I said no the only thing I knew of was he was taking his meds. Anyway they took him to the ER! The dr there took all his pain meds away from him and kept him overnight. He swears I took the meds and hid them from him! We haven’t talked all day since that outburst (Pissed me off royaly, sorry about that) MY oldest got to the hospital first and told them to put restrants on him and now he’s saying I told them that!! GRRRRRRRRRR!

sigh… we live some interesting lives, dont we?

Yes WE do and I don’t know about you but I would love to take a really LONG vacation from this right now!!! I want this soap opra to STOP!!! But I know it won’t don’t you?? HA!!!