Looking for a broken Medtronic 630 pump

Hi all. I’ve had type 1 for 36 years and have a son who is 12 and has had it for 6 now……. Anyway, he has a Medtronic 630g and is having issues with the belt clip breaking. Really not a rough house type of kid, but it is what it is! I was hoping to find someone on here who has a 630g that doesn’t work so that I can use it to make a case with clip for him. I realize that most of these are probably still under warranty, but I’d figured I’d try. Look up kydex if interested. I cannot use his pump because it will have to be heated to 300*F and may damage the internals.

Willing to pay for the pump and shipping, so long as it doesn’t break the bank. Thanks, Ron

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these look fairly well made :slight_smile:

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I believe the tactical is made from kydex. It might be simpler not to reinvent the wheel. :slight_smile:

Kim. Thanks for the link that looks like a well made product…wondering, is the front open or does the pump need to be removed from the case each time it is used?

Far as reinventing the wheel, I’m all for it!! Hahaha. I enjoy making things that people use. I always feel that we can improve things and I like to try to think outside the box.  It would be a little bit of a fun project, as well as a reinvention!
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Scrolling text? OK…

I use ONE OF THESE to hold my pump. I can’t use a belt clip in my line of work. It leaves the pump in a vulnerable position likely to get knocked around. So, I find the Fitness Belt to be a good protective way to hold it. Plus, the excess tubing can be coiled inside.

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Thanks Greg,
That looks like a great way to keep the pump safe. Unfortunately, I showed my son and he said, “not cool Dad”!!! He’s 12, so I guess it matters!! Hahahahaha.
We ordered the one that Kim mentioned above…4-6 week wait. We’ll see how it goes.

He probably saw the pink color and revolted understandably. But, he should be aware that it also comes in black color which I think IS pretty COOL!


Dont know much about them, I just saw the ad and thought I’d pass it on. I’m om my third pump now ( still under warranty and Medtronic kindly replaces them:) but after that I’ll have to consider a better option as I am hard on these pumps. Please let me know how it works out for your Son. Cheers