Hopefully, the cookie monster won’t get you


It really is all-encompassing! I have quite multifaceted allergies (food allergies, environmental allergies, other random allergies, sinus infections, asthma, eczema, eosinophilic esophagitis) that require lots of avoidance measures and multiple medications and treatments, and there are many days it’s actually a bigger annoyance to me than diabetes. People always ask why I’m not eating (or eating only my own food) at potlucks and the like, and I tell them it’s way more enjoyable for me to eat my own food and know I won’t react to it than to eat food others have brought and worry about having a reaction.

My allergist said a definite no to goat’s cheese, but didn’t mention sheep. My IgE antibodies to milk have dropped a lot over the last two years, and I think I’m less reactive to food in general given that I haven’t had nearly as many “mystery” reactions lately, so it may be something I can ask about or (carefully) try. Thanks!

So interesting that we’re so similar. :slight_smile:


Lovely. And suddenly I’m pondering homemade whipped cream from the cream on the raw milk I buy… and wondering if I whipped in some flavored protein powder and then froze it, what I’d end up with. THAAAAAAAANKS :slight_smile:


Delicious raw milk, another thing I prefer over sweet ice cream! :yum::grinning:


Krispy Kreme orignial glazed donuts…Right out of the oven…MMMMMM YUMMY.




Cinnabons with a little tub (or two!) of extra frosting.


Definitely extra frosting. Sure glad there isn’t one conveniently near. WHEW.


I hear you. I was quite frankly relieved when the Cinnabon stand at our local mall went away!


LOL. The one in Salem Center? Me too. I miss it and I’m glad it’s gone. Cognitive dissonance.


The “ch” words get me…chocolate, cherries (all kinds), chips, and cheese.


I couldn’t resist!


Must confess I don’t use Siri as much as I could. After watching that video, I told her to play one of my playlists. Whaddaya know–it works. :smile:


Sweets are definitely my weakness…I’ve been way better staying off of them lately, but the hardest ones to resist are ice cream, donuts, and well…cookies…:sweat:


Nanaimo bars! A Canuck!

I worked in Vancouver BC a few years and had a couple Nanaimo bars from the cafeteria at work in response to hypos :heart_eyes:


@Jen and @Tim12 me too Canucker! I lived in B.C. As well. Nanaimo bars… Oh Nanaimo bars…
There is this tiny little bakery in the middle of nowhere in Idaho (where I live now) that has the most incredible ones ever!! I try to drive by quickly! :scream:


Ice cream doesn’t spike me at all. That’s weird, right???


@Tim12 and @cynthia_rogers, I’ve spent most of my life in BC. Nanaimo bars have always been one of my favourite treats. My mom used to make them and I’d get a one-centimetre sliver to eat, but never a full bar. I didn’t even know Nanaimo bars were a Canadian thing until I was an adult. :slight_smile:

Now I’m wondering if it would be possible to make a low-carb version. Mmmmm…


They are definitely Canadian. I’ve never heard of them. But the way y’all are talking, they must be awfully good. :sunglasses:

Oh Lord. I just found a picture of one. My oh my.


I love grapes and live in a wine producing area. It is so hard to drive past all the grape stalls lining the road when I go out anywhere, they are so bad for me. Luckily the drink made from them agrees with me :wine_glass:


. . . I have the same problem. Pinot Noir is sort of the state religion in these parts. LOL

Although, I wish people weren’t so determined to make red wine from it. It tastes much better as champagne.