Hopefully, the cookie monster won’t get you


Verdelho is the local grog, delicious but probably not a table grape.


Jen, thank you very much (NOT!) for mentioning Nanaimo bars. I, like David, Googled images of them. On the third day of my low-carb diet. Now my mouth is watering so much that saliva is escaping my mouth and leaving a rather large wet spot on my shirt…

You now officially owe me a recipe for a low-carb version. Hell, the absolute least you should do is make me some and mail 'em to me! :wink:


I’ll be looking into this for sure, so I’ll post a thread when I find out! Ever since mentioning them I’ve had a huge craving. If I can’t find a low-carb, dairy-free version I’ll be doing some experimenting! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, you’d better, that’s all I have to say. This is all your fault. :open_mouth:


While I understand the sentiment of the article, especially in relationship to a low blood sugar, I also understand that this sentiment is one of the reasons that people with T1D are 2.4 times more likely to develop an eating disorder - that eating cookies for any reason could be a mistake or wrong. The fact is that insulin will cover a cookie or doughnut or nanaimo bar just as well as a stalk of celery. So there is no reason that our relationship to food need be any different than someone with a working pancreas - everything in moderation.


@Sunriz absolutely agree… I think that is what interested me in the article, he chose to take a dive into the cookie binge, paused, reflected and made the appropriate and concious decision to correct with insulin and move on with his day and life! It’s something that I have struggled with since the my diagnosis 19 years ago, eating normally and covering with the appropriate amount of insulin. Disordered eating often seems inevitable when dealing with diabetes, and eating disorders and diabetes…a dangerous and slippery slope. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


@rgcainmd @Jen I know I’ve made a LC version… and those grasshopper bars as well (I know they used an avocado base…)
Safeway in Canada sells GF Nanaimo bars in a sheet in the freezer section (sooo delicious). Now to find the LC recipe…
Maybe we can craft our own! It’s mostly chocolate so there should be a way…


Ohhhhh, this is a slippery slope . . . . ROFL :laughing:


@cynthia_rogers, @rgcainmd, @David_dns:

Ironically, a friend of mine with Type 1 posted this on Facebook a few days ago! I need to pick up dairy-free cream cheese and find a substitute for whatever “pastry cream” is before I try it.


The list of ingredients/directions looks like it got messed up in that link. I followed the “Make It” link from that link and it’s broken down into parts. One part is the “Pastry Cream” with several of the ingredients under it. This probably makes more sense: http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/2016/06/best-low-carb-nanaimo-bar-recipe.html


@Jen @David_dns @rgcainmd that’s it! That’s it! I’m sure that’s the one I have a shot! I Love!!! All Day I Dream About Food!

Thank you thank you! Let’s have a bake off!
Seriously though… We’ve been thinking of a tudiabetes cooking show!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How fun would that be!


I have cookies, chocolate biscuits, wafer bars and large bars of chocolate…………in my kitchen cupboard I do not eat this stuff everyday but will have one or two a week and have to keep an eye on the best before dates! I am sure there is no cookie monster in my life because I will snack on cream crackers, nuts and bananas.

I had forgotten, until I read this post that I have all that chocolate!