How do roller coaster rides affect your blood glucose levels

My son was diagnosed w/type 1 three months ago.

We are going to Legoland in a few weeks and he will be riding on roller coaster rides. Do roller coaster rides tend to have an affect on bg levels. I'm guessing that his BG will go up because of the excitement of the rides, then will taper back down. Is that what I should expect?

What has been your experiences? I just want to be prepared.

Thank you.

We just got back from Disneyworld and also had a really crazy trip to Cedar Point last summer, rain threatened but only hit once, briefly, so the park was *empty* and we went on ride after ride after ride. I didn't see any appreciable "boost" from going on rider, perhaps if there was some adrenaline/ excitement it was offset by the pushdown from marching around. Have a great trip! My in-laws live right by Legoland in Carlsbad so I've been there too!!

I agree with AR. I have not noted any increase in my BG from rollercoasters. I think the possible heat and all the walking around make it more likely that he may have hypos. Be prepared and test either way and have fun.

Sometimes sugars can jump from an adrenaline rush. I had this happen after a near miss car accident.
My sugar went to 300 and I corrected for it and ended up going way low very soon after. When you liver dumps sugar from an adrenaline rush it quickly takes it back up if you calm down quickly. Pretty much how roller coasters are. I don't have it happen at amusement parks to me though, no way to explain it.I would suggest to not correct high sugars just after a ride.

Well put. That reminds me of job interview. I learned last interview rounds. After 20-30 minutes my CGM goes off. Luckily I have played it off as a cell phone and appoligized profusely. YDMV

Thank you all for your advice. Legoland, here we come.