Theme Parks

Hi! I went to Six Flags ten days ago, I love all the extreme rides so those were the ones I rode plus i got into a new game that was like a haunted house and i got pretty scared, so after I got on 3 of those rides plus the haunted house i began to feel very tired and my head hurt really bad, obviously my sugar level was really low so i drank some juice with sugar and i went back to normal. I must say this is the first time since i was diagnosed (in june 2009) that i went to a theme park and this happens, i went to the same park in april and i survived the day, so did anyone has been through the same?? Do this is going to happen to me everytime i go to either a theme or amusement park?? Do yo take any precaution? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I am a serious coaster fan. Personally, I like suspended steel coasters. I have not found that the excitement of a theme parks causes lows, instead, I find the opposite. The arenaline and cortisol from the thrill causes highes. Unless you tested low, I suspect it had nothing to do with blood sugar and probably was just a reaction to all those unnatural forces and being scared out of your pants. If you are worried, then next time bring your test kit and check. As a type 2 it is very unlikely that you would have any problem.

Yeah Paulina, I’m the same as “bsc” - the more serious the roller coaster - the more I want to go on it - and this is coming from someone who HATES heights. I’m a freak what can I say. Okay, seriously tho’ back to your concern. I’m a frequent flyer at amusement parks, and so far, touch wood, no probs with keeping my BG’s from dropping. They stay pretty steady (I am on insulin), and with all the walking I do, I tend to reduce my insulin doseage, and eat some of the foods that I wouldn’t normally touch (love candy floss).

One thing, I have a friend who is Type 2, and she’s found a few times now, after I taught her to test her BG when she thought she was having a hypo, that she actually isn’‘t, but she instead is high. Just stress, activity, and all of that make a feel that way. Not sure if that was the same situation for you, but best to check if you can (tho’ wash your hands first if you’ve been eating candy floss like I do ).