How Do You Deal With This?

I have a question for anyone who’d like to answer…

I know I can’t be the only person with this issue, as I’ve had diabetes for a little over four years and have read here about people who have had it so much longer.

I’m wondering, does anyone have people that they know… friends, acquaintances, relatives, associates… or whatever their relationship may be… who’s level of compassion toward your diabetes changes, if your relationship changes? Or if their mood changes? And if so, how do you deal with this?

For example, if you are in a romantic relationship with them, and you have a bad situation, like an unexpected low that requires their help, they are extremely compassionate and helpful… but if the relationship changes, and say now it’s your ex… are they less compassionate, but still helpful?

Or another example, if the person is in a bad mood, are they less compassionate, but still helpful? Almost like they know they’re doing the right thing by being helpful, but, it’s like almost an inconvenience?

I must say… I really hate being an inconvenience to anyone. I do appreciate any help I do receive, but, I do make a note of who changes based on mood.

I am not completely sure if your asking what I am about to answer but I think people's compassion change towards you if the relationship changed no matter with diabetes or not. It just all depends on the people. I have people in my life that not as understanding all the time and I blame that on the fact that its something I am going through and they are not.

I think I understand what you're saying. For me, I seem to have people in my life whose compassion is based on mood, or what our relationship entails. Then there are people who are just compassionate individuals, period, and are like that all the time. I'm just wondering what other people go through.

Dear Hakima, I agree with Rye: " It just depends on the people." I personally have acquaintances that I know could not handle a "low" episode with me. So I am not put off if they ask someone else to assist me or not, and then they flee. But that is just what they are,"acquaintances", not friends. I tend to deal with people that are compassionate all the time. And if a relationship ends, and the man says "no" to being with me for whatever reason, diabetes, my semi-sweet sarcastic wit and spontaneous nature, whatever. I let them be who they are and move on.I just tell myself N.O. stands for "next opportunity".
Get those people out of your close personal life whose friendship is based on mood, sweetie.They can just be a passing "hi" and small talk acquaintance. You are compassionate, so you probably would not turn them down if they came to you. I sense that is your nature, but you canot expect that from them. It is NOT their nature. Better to wish them well; help( but not continue to enable); if they are in a jam, if you want. But I repeat love/like them from far.
"Spend time with people who celibrate, rather than tolerate you."> got this from a FB post.

God bless,

I've reencountered people through FB I knew years ago and many of them seem pleased to see I'm doing ok.

Have for many years favoured this comment :" Play with those , who like to play with you " ...those , who don't want to play NOW , may eventually play again ...this has happened to me without trying !!..and not only diabetes related !!!

Wow thanx, I really like that quote!

Thanx everyone for all the responses so far! Really appreciate all of them!