How do you sleep at night?

I have the CGM on one side of my abdomen and the pump inserted on the other side. So I have to sleep lying flat on my back all night. I’ve never slept like that through the night before - I prefer sleeping on my side or stomach. It’s really frustrating to me.

How about you? How do you manage your sleep positions with the CGM and/or pump?

Well I don’t have a CGM, but I do have a tube pump (Deltec Cozmo). I sleep on my side as well, never felt that I need to change it cause of having the pump. In my sleep usually I through the pump beside me on bed, of course it went sit still, sometimes I wake up wrapped with the tubing, other time the pump will be dingling on the site of the bed or even at floor. Oh ya and beside my bellow which wakes me up when she peeps at night!!

I don’t have a CGM but I sleep on my side most of the time. The button on the infusion set doesn’t bother me at all.

Hello John: I’ve been using a cgm and pump for over two years now, and am so used to them I can sleep in any position without discomfort. I wear my pump inserted in my abdomen, and have just started putting my cgm in my upper leg(s) where I seem to get more accurate readings. I guess I’m just so used to them being there that I don’t notice them anymore. Have you tried sleeping on your side with a pillow, sort of to lean against? That may take pressure off your insertion sites.
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pillow and not bellow!!! LOL what you can do am a bad writer!!

THX Mike I noticed that after reading your post! :wink:

Sleeping on pump sites usually doesnt bother me. Comfort when sleeping the the cgm seems to depend on the site so occasionally I avoid laying on it but other times I forget it is even there.

Ditto for me, Rashelle. I wear my sensors on my arms and my pod or pump sites wherever (back, abdomen, legs, butt, etc.) and just sleep. If I lay in just such a way, I may have to shift if I feel pressure I don’t like, but for the most part, I don’t give it much thought. Pumper for 9 years, CGM wearer for eight months now.

I woke up today and found that I had slept on my pump-side! It was disconcerting when I saw that but I didn’t notice any discomfort :-). So, I guess I’ll be alright…I just need to accept the pump and CGM as integral parts of me instead of alien objects.

I sleep any which way now that I’ve got used to the pump (keep it clipped to the waist band of my knickers). When I wore both the CGMS tho’ - that was another story. Didn’t give it a long enough trial tho’ to get used to it. I sometimes have my infusion set in my mid-back region - and it doesn’t effect how I sleep as well - thought it would - but when I have the infusion set there - I forget that I’m pumping.

Yeah John - you’re right about accepting the “alien objects” !

i sleep on my stomach with both of them. I have no clue how, but I do, as well as sleeping on my side.

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Thanks! I should really learn how to use the search function on this website :slight_smile:

I’m on the omni pod, i prefer to wear it on my arm in which case sleeping is no big deal but when I wear it on my lower back, it definately is noticeable, especially during sexy time;)~

I sleep with the Medtronic CGMS and the pump, I clip the pump or wear the waist pouch and move it to its on my back, I then go ahead and sleep on my stomach :slight_smile: I’ve only ripped 3 or 4 out and that was the quicksets. Now that I’ve moved to Sil’s I haven’t a problem at all. Use Tegaderm over the CGMS. Mastisol also helps to make sure it stays put.

I only have the pump, but I do not like to lay on the infusion set at all. It doesn’t hurt (usually), I just don’t lay on it. OK, now that I write this, I’m really not sure why. I think that somehow I got the idea that the site will last longer if I didn’t lay on it.

When I started on the pump, I had poor insurance coverage and I tried to make sites last as long as possible (6-8 days). I guess that got me in the habit.

I toss a lot in my sleep, but I must always start by sleeping on the side where my infusion set is not.

If I have a painful site, then I clip the pump to my pyjama pants in such a way so that I won’t roll into that position. Even when I am unconscious, I do not like to lay on my pump!

I use omnipod and dextron sensor which are generally on opposite side. I was concerned about sleeping too but after 3 nights of sound sleep, I feel more comfortable.

The CGM receiver goes under the pillow. The pump is on a long leash and is loose in the bed beside me. The insertions sites I don’t worry about. I’ve never lost an insertion site because of the way I slept on it.


I wear a CGM pump infusion set and sensor/transmitter also. I cover the sensor/transmitter with a tegaderm bandage. I sleep in any position I feel comfortable in, regardless of where I put the infusion set or sensor/transmitter. The pump either gets clipped to my pj’s or I let it go where ever it wants.

i dont have a cgm, but i do have a one touch ping pump. i have a case i put it in that clips onto my pajama pants and it says there all night. ive never had any problems with it and i always sleep on my side (even the side with the pump). my sites are usually either on my stomach or the back of my arm.
hope you find something that works! :slight_smile:

I have my Medtronic Paradigm Pump clipped to one side of my bra and good ol’ Dex (who likes to yodel during the night) yodels while clipped to my bra on the other side or sometimes while he is clipped next to my pump (same bra strap). I like to sleep on my side… sorry, but if you want to do the bra thing you’d have to call Cosmo Cramer (Seinfeld) to get a “bro” or clip your items to a shirt :* ) If I don’t wear a bra, I will clip the pump and yodeling Dex (Dexcom 7+) onto the top part of my shirt or nightgown.