How do your Dexcom G5 kiddos carry their phones around?

Asking for a friend…
Her son is six and does not want to use a fanny pack to carry the phone (Dexcom G5 receiver) around. What do your D kiddos use?!? Any ideas would be great! Thank you!

Great question. My son is 4 and I have the same issue. I currently have to strategically place an iPad around the house. Iphones are a little too big to keep with him, so I can’t wait until an android option comes out. There are very small android phones out there.

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For very little people: a SpiBelt

For larger little people: a FlipBelt

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I agree with rgcainmd… I just got a similar belt to use around the house or when I don’t have pockets. I ordered it from Amazon. It’s very similar to the SpiBelt but it was a little cheaper. The name on it is SumSonic. I have no clue about it other than that. It is a wide compression-type belt with about 4 slit openings to put items into. I hate clipping my pump to anything other than a pocket on my blue jeans, so it’s great when I’m wearing cycling or running shorts or at night… I have always clipped to my panties at night and it’s murder on the waistbands. (lol) I am quite pleased with this belt because beyond putting my pump in there, I can also carry my phone (an iPhone 6sPlus!!) and the receiver for my Dex…prolly some more stuff would fit in there too, but we might begin to get a little bulgy… LOL! It’s great since it can be worn under a shirt and out of sight. Besides, fanny packs are just never gonna be a good fashion statement. :wink:

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I have the SpiBelt and it works great. Pump, a few starburst, and minimed uploader all fit. Perfect for working out.

Caleb used a SpiBelt for his DexCom Seven Plus years ago since it had to be on him to be in range. As he got older we have used TallyGear cases with a carabiner clip. Now he just keeps his phone in his pocket or in his PDM case if he’s carrying that around.


My daughter also uses a spibelt. They have different designs, so maybe you can find one he likes?

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Thanks everyone. My Friend was very appreciative of your thoughts! :sunny:

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My daughter wears a spibelt with her iphone, however, someone mentioned to me the concern about radiation exposure that close to her body. Does anyone have any information about this?

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Thanks for sharing :blush:. I have not heard of any issues regarding radiation. Now I’m curious…

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We alternate between a Spibelt and a pocket that we’ve sewn on various undershirts for our son. Simple pocket with velcro at the top and a hole in the back to thread the pump tubing through, but it also holds his phone. Because we actively do not want him to access it, the pockets are on the back. But I guess if you want your child to be able to access it, the front is a better bet. In which place you could probably just get shirts with suitably large pockets and sew some velcro on.

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