How long type 2?

I was diagnosed T2D in 2005. No complications yet (knock on wood).

I am 26 I was diagnosed at age 15

Nancy you sharing this encouraged me SO much!!!

Juliet, thanks. That to me is what this is all about. Supporting each other. Nancy50

28 years for me, I will be 71 next month. I was able to have near normal blood glucose levels for 10-12 years with diet, exercise and reduction of stress. Then BG just jumped up and nothing would bring it down. I started Metformin and later Lantus. Recently I began multi daily injections of rapid Humalog.

My health is good. I still exercise regularly. I pass my stress tests with flying colors, and I feel good. I do have a bit of non-proliferative retinopathy in my right eye that really hasn’t gotten worse in 4 years. Otherwise no real diabetic complications.

Welcome Luis3 to the group. I will be 29 years in July. I am having some foot issues, not sure diabetes or not. Need to call someone,not sure podiatrist or PCP. I take trulicity and tresiba,plus metformin. Walking about 7,000 steps a day unless snow storm :snowflake::mask:Nancy50

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Was diagnosed end of last year after losing a good chunk of my pancreas to necrotizing pancreatitis. Just started Tresiba and Humalog plus metformin whenever it arrives by mail. The last 3 months put a lot into question and I’m trying to learn more to not be so overwhelmed

I am 72 and was diagnosed 12 years ago. My GP put me on metformin, Atorvastatin, Candesartan from the start to protect me from diabetes issues. Two years ago she added Glyade MR to the mix. All the meds are on the lowest levels. I usually cycle 3 times per week totalling around 180 kilometres. Also I try to do a weekly bushwalk of approx 10 to 15 kms. I was perfectly healthy at the time of diagnosis with no health issues and being told that I had T2 was a bit of a shock. At present, I have no apparent complications and see my GP and other health care specialists every six months for a check up. I try to live healthily and watch my diet. I’m hoping that my exercise routine combined with a healthy diet will keep my T2 under control.

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I am coming up on a year 6/13/21.

I’ve been saying 28 years, but I got a mailing about an anniversary of something else which moves it to 30 years. I was per-diagnosed by an ophthalmologist for blurry vision. I say pre because he suggested I get my fasting blood glucose levels tested. Sure enough BG was very high 400mg/dl+.

At the time we were on the Scott and White health plan. Quickly my wife and I had a fairly complete team to help us in controlling my high blood glucose. The only ones I had issues with were 3 different dieticians who looked like death warm over. I think they actually hate food. In addition to high BG I had high triglycerides. There is a connection between the two.

I was given test strips that you put a drop of blood on, timed for 60 seconds, wiped and tried to compare to a color chart. Man, meters are so much better. I was on micronase. I began regular exercise, found Dr. Richard Bernstein’s “Diabetes Solution” and began a low carb high fat diet. Soon I was off the micronase because of hypos.

For 10+ years I had normal or near normal BG. And then it began to spike upward. This is when my doctor gave me the news that type 2 can progress, and it had for me. This began Metformin, later added Lantus and just this year I started multi-daily injections with Humalog. I have a Dexcom G6 CGM and my recent HbA1c was 5.2%.

I want to caution others that the progression I experienced is not universal. It may be a genetic thing. My Dad had is BG rise a bit older than I am now at 71. I always thought his was geriatric diabetes. Just like my thyroid which got a bit tired several years ago. So I may have inherited less robust Beta cells then others.

That’s my Type 2 DM story. I am still fit and very careful about what I eat, exercising daily. Keep moving, keep breathing, don’t eat foods that hurt you and never stop testing.

I am30 years,type2. I firmly believe it is a progressive disease. I started with metformin,now on Trulicity and Tresiba. No meal time insulin. I test 4-5 times a day. Exercise as much as possible. Averaging 20 plus miles a week. Life is good. Nancy50