How many diabetics in your home


How many of you guys out there are the only diabetics in there own home? I used to have a alli when it came to diet, but for over a year now I’m the only one in the house that has diabetes everybody else can eat all the sugar they want…I love tea but these ppl around here put sugar in it and it will make me go really high in no time. As hot as it is right now (103 WITHOUT the heat index) I drink all the time and will drink just about anything in the frig. I make my own gallon of unsweeten tea but these ppl drink all of there’s then get mine! Grrr they are driving me crazy!!! I hate being the only one here who has that problem! Anybody else know what I mean? They can drink anything but I have to watch what I take out of the frig and sometines I’m just too hot to notice! OK rant over.


Some suggestions:

  1. Hide the sugar until the family agrees to leave your tea alone.
  2. Threaten to pour out all of their sweetened drinks if they insist on drinking yours.
  3. Stock only unsweetened beverages in your home. The family can learn to conform to your diet.


Good one Travis! I hadn’t thought of that yet! That will get teme!


I am the only diabetic. Luckily my sisters and I were young when i found out. I’ve converted them from drinking 2% to skim milk and now they add half of the sugar that that would origionally to the koolaid.

baby steps, but you can convert them


Hey Sarah.
The problem with me is I let them do their thing and hubby is the worst out of the bunch! Drives me crazy now that it’s just me and my youngest (who will be going to colledge hopefully) this next year. How am I gonna handle Mr. Sugar addict! OH I really want to hurt him!



A lot of people THINK they can eat all the sugar and starch they want, but they are wrong!

I was the only diagnosed diabetic in my house. But it turns out my daughter has inherited the gene I have, and at age 24 she has abnormal glucose tolerance which over time will probably become full diabetes like mine did. (She’s extremely fit, bikes hundreds of miles a week, and rarely is under 130 mg/dl many hours after eating even so. )

My partner seems healthy too–except that an uncle needed a kidney transplant (not from diabetes I think) and when all his many uncles and aunts went to get their blood tested to donate, they all turned out to have undiagnosed diabetes or pre-diabetes. My partner’s fbg is higher than normal it turns out.

So they all could benefit from cutting way back on the carbs! I wish someone had explained that to me when I was eating all those Healthy whole grains that were burning out the little bit of insulin production I had left. And drinking those “health food” spritzer sodas that have as much sugar in them as regular Pepsi.

At least my daughter knows how to count carbs, knows she can’t handle them, and might be able to preserve her function longer because she grew up eating a lot less carbs at home than most and learned a lot about nutrition from me.

Since A1c correlated strongly with heart attack risk in the 5%-6% range, I suspect here are very few people, over age 25 who really can eat the amount of carbs in the standard diet without harm.


Hey, that’s not the only source of trouble… I am not the only diabetic in my house. I’ve had Type 1 for 2.5 years but our housemate has had Type 1 for 25 years. Diet soda? Forget it; it’s gone. I’ve lately taken to only buying diet root beer because he won’t drink it under any circumstances. Glucose tabs? Juice? Snacks? Forget it; they all disappear rapidly no matter how well I hide them. When I ask what happened to them, he doesn’t remember. It’s the “eat everything in sight [and not in sight] when low” type of thing. I understand lows suck, but, um, I’d kind of like to be able to treat my own, you know. :wink:


Type 2 and the only diabetic in the family. I just have all the family get-togethers at my house. They can’t sabotage things that way.


Yes I totally understand you!And have been prone to use that as an excuse to eat what I want when I want! But I really HATE to be low and they have eatten everything that would bring me high. Way back when I was a kid I used to have “Cornflake Weakspells” I loved cornflakes and back in the 70’s when I took it you had to weigh out your food and was always allowed so many ounces of this or that and my mom weiged every bite that went in my mouth so when i had ate all I was sup[post to I would come up that I was weak so I could get them! Thank God for Modern Science!!!



Good advice. The folks in your family could actually obtain some health benefits by helping you stick to your diet.

Your #3 is the one in my house. Although, I have the authority to make this so :wink: