How men can carry supplies without getting fashion insults and laughs?

So here’s the deal, I’ve been carrying my supplies in a leather Jansport fanny pack that I bought in NY in the '80’s. I always receive comments about carrying a fanny pack but yesterday took it to the next level. I went to a large company business meeting and carried the pack with me. When I sat down at the meeting, two 20 something women who I work with and know starting to comment on my pack and how it was so outdated. Truth was I bought it around the time they were born When they asked me what I carry in it, I told them a mesh tank top and tight silk running shorts - the peak of '80s fashion. We kept it going for about 10 minutes, had a good laugh and it was really pretty funny. Note that these women were the 3rd and 4th people to comment on my bag in 15 minutes.

But it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to try something new for carrying my supplies, something more from this millenium. I’m not a fashion hound by any means, but something newer that I could use for say, the next 10 - 15 years would be good.

Any recommendations??

My husband who is not a diabetic but like to carry a lot items wears cargo shorts or pants with lots of pockets in them. He has pockets for his phone, PDA, MP3 player, etc. Much more fashionable than a fanny pack these days.

Man bags are fashionable.

I have a nice leather backpack that I carry my supplies in. Actually it is one that you just carry on one shoulder, (kind of triangle shaped - got it at Wilson’s Leather) so it is real easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Carry my testing kit, extra pills, snacks, glucose tabs, etc. plus it gives me room to carry work back and forth from work too.

Above is a really cool look and the leather back pack sounds good also. You have just given me a terrific idea for my son for Christmas. Thanks.

I was going to say a messenger bag/satchel/man bag/murse too! I have a friend who’s a ginormous Indiana Jones fan, and he’s not diabetic, but he carries a bag like Indy. Maybe if you look through a men’s fashion magazine, you can get some ideas for something that doesn’t look outdated.

I’m surprised your fanny pack isn’t in style again though. Every time I go shopping now, I’m literally disgusted and horrified at the clothes because they remind of the ugly things I wore as a kid. 80’s fashion was awful, so I don’t know who in their right mind decided to bring that ugly s*** back. I don’t care that “everything old is new again” - 80’s fashion should have died with the first Bush presidency because it’s atrocious. Sorry, but it’s been bothering me…

Robert, your explaination of what was in your pack made me laugh out loud, hilarious! My son is 11 and MORTIFIED about carrying a fanny pack around so we went to what we thought were the “coolest” places to look for alternatives. We ended up at a really awesome snowboard shop that sells Burton snowboards and accessories and he got a very cool black bag that is big enough for everything he needs. I think its intended for ipods and that kind of stuff while your boarding…all of his friends are asking where he got it, they think he carries his cell phone and other “essentials” in it. He thinks its great and it says Burton on it so it’s the ultimate in chic. Thanks for making me laugh so hard! Peg

Got one of those that I carry quite often too. Got a nice red and black one. Lots of pockets to carry lots of stuff in.