Supply case for use when walking?

Hi! I need a waist case to carry my suppies in while I’m walking like my meter, glucose tablets, cell phone and I’m getting a pump real soon so that should fit too. I do dog boarding which requires alot of walking:) I like the Spibelt but I don’t know if it will be big enough?

Hi Leanna…I have a Spibelt that I use to carry my pump around on a daily basis. I absolutely love it. As for your purposes, I’m not sure that it would hold all of the things you want it to hold. However, I see on their website that they have a dual pocket version that I’m sure would hold what you need :slight_smile: Good luck and I hope it works out for you!

I use the old fashioned fanny pack , which I purchased from Avon some time ago …a Curves product …a pocket for a bottle of water, a velcro’d compartment, a larger zippered and a smaller zippered compartment …washable , waistband adjustable . Don’t forget to carry ID ,lancet …your pump most likely will sit on your waistband . and how about water and bowl for doggies ?? I googled Spibelt …does not seem too roomy for stuff I carry . Have fun walking the dogs :slight_smile:

Bring back the fanny pack!!

Thank you!! I think I will probably go with a small fanny pack. Should hold plenty and you can easily find nice ones.

Thank you nel! My top choice is a fanny pack so I prob will do that. I will have fun with the dogs!

LOL! Think thats what I’ll do!!

Thanks again Dave!

Thanks Ryan!

I use an Ultimate Torsopack that has one water bottle, too. You can find those at hiking stores. I found mine at a cross country ski shop–it carries all I need!

anyone know where to get a “trendy” fanny pack?? this is one of the reasons that keeps me from going on walks outside (i usually go to the gym) is that i have to lug my whole purse to carry everything or i have both hands full of stuff. it is truly annoying. i haven’t checked into any sites that have been suggested but i’m going to!! thanks!!

coach maybe?

Hi, Leanna,
I’ve used various fanny packs and one which held a “hard case” which I could get cold in the refrig. to keep my bottles of insulin. When I got on the pump, the first insulin was good for hot weather (Humalog). Four years later when I realized I couldn’t lose weight on it, I tried the second type of insulin, also good in hot weather (Novolog), but I got very bad side effects!!! Then I went to a new one, Apidra. Works very well for me with one side effect I can live with, but it is not good in above 85 degree weather! So my doctor told me to get a fanny pack with blue ice. Medtronic Minimed, where I got my pump has a pack which will work for this and for the other supplies. However, my Mom saw an ad for FRIOCooling Cases ( and I checked into that. The cases were developed by a doctor in the U.K. and are made of crystals which are activated by water (room temp). After they expand (takes only 5-15 minutes depending on size of case), they keep insulin at 79 degrees for two days or more!! Great for emergencies!!! I bought two cases. One for pump only, and a larger one for all supplies. I used the large one to go to Disneyland and Adventure Park just this month and to teach P.E.! Worked great!! My only complaint are the straps. Needs some adjustments. I’m still thinking of looking into Medtronic Minimed because I think they will make a sturdier type and I want to compare. I have a lot of things besides diabetes to carry also—cell phone, hearing aid remote, camera, etc.!!! Good luck!!

they are too expensive haha

Thank you!

you said nice! I think a coach purse for diabetics would be verrrrryyy nice!

me too. :slight_smile:

I agree with both! They are very nice but a bit too expensive too!!!

i forgot…
i walk by a college, so they have a big track around the field. Normally i leave my stuff in my car, snacks and meter, and periodically visit it if i have to. Maybe you could park your car near by where you walk and then just carry what you want.

Spibelt. Just bought two more. Tudiabetes folks get a 10% discount. There’s Spibelt thread here in which the discount code is revealed. I believe it’s ‘TU10’.