How to reenter transmitter ID

this is the first time I’ve ever used a cgm. Was going through all the steps from the manual and user guide and after trying to pair the transmitter to the sensor, I realized I had mistyped 1 wrong character for the transmitter ID. Somehow it won’t let me enter in the correct serial number for the transmitter so when I keep stopping and restarting the sensor, it obviously can’t find it and says sensor nowhere to be found. How do I get to the input screen to enter the correct serial number on the reader?? Tried shutting down and powering it back up and still don’t get that screen. Dexcom sent me 5 sensors

If you are using G6 Receiver, go to settings, then transmitter. It may ask for sensor code first, then trans id on next screen.

If you have phone App, it is probably similar.

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Welcome to TUD, @trenton21—hope you stick around! @MM1’s link should get you through this, but as a general thing I’ve found Dexcom tech support (as distinct from Sales) to be very helpful. I don’t hesitate to call them if I’m really stuck on something, and they’re quite willng to send replacements if you’ve had a bad insertion, flaky sensor and whatnot.


@trenton21, are you using a G5 or a G6? You’ll know if you use a G5 because it will ask you to perform periodic calibrations on the device.

I’m using a g5 right now since medicare does not cover the g6 yet…later on this year. Dexcom said medicare will cover the g6 in q4 2019

also I tried downloading the dexcom mobile app but it doesn’t work for my phone. I have a huawei mate 10 pro and apparently the dexcom only supports the huawei p20/p20 pro. I’m fine with the included reader. it’s small enough and I found a swiveling belt holster for the reader on amazon if my pockets are too full

I’m using G6. I think that @CJ114 and @Dave44 are G5 Users. The dread G6 session-restart block is here

well I was able to re enter the correct serial number for the transmitter. I ended up shutting down the included reader and waiting for about 3 hours. Somehow that reset it so now it’s been working fine

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For future reference. On the G5 it is easy to re-set proper transmitter code. All you have to do on the Dexcom receiver is >Main Menu>Stop Sensor, That will then allow you to go to Main Menu>Settings>Transmitter and allow you to put in correct code.

Wait up to 15 minutes to see the bluetooth icon to appear in the upper left hand corner of front of screen next to battery icon. When Bluetooth icon appears then Main Menu>Start Sensor and you are good to go.

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