How to restart G6 transmitter?

Sorry, Dexcom sends current glucose to my Tandem pump, which turns off if glucose is too low.
Should have been more clear.


Thank you - I’ve never thought about a pump cause I was doing MDI before I got an Omnipod Dash. They call it a ‘pump patch’ and I do like it a lot but because I’m on such low doses of insulin (about 14 units of Fiasp daily) there is such a waste after 80 hrs. Have to fill the Omnipod with 80 units of Fiasp and when I have to change it there usually around 40 units left. So wasteful. Thanks for clarifying. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tandem CIQ may first reduce basal and level off. Or may go to 0 basal if BG is still trending lower.


With my Omnipod I sometimes suspend the insulin for a 1/2 hr at a time if I’ve miscalculated a bolus, which sometimes happens. Like walking a tight rope! :slightly_smiling_face:

i use a simple tool made for adjusting ICE car engines.

Valve/tappet feeler gage set. They come in straight and bent versions . They’re thin, graduated thickness strips of stainless steel with rounded ends. Most are much thinner than a test strip or guitar pick and much stronger and stiffer.

A set of 10-15 costs under $10 US and is stocked by most auto supply stores.

Here’s an example Valve Feeler gage


Wow - thank you so much @pstud123
Will see where I can find these here in Canada.
Appreciate this very much - @pstud123

NAPA, CarQuest, Candian Auto Parts and should all have them, though your prices will be higher. Get the cheapest set you can find; you don’t need their precision.

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Will do - Canadian Tire is right around the corner! Thanks again!

I would never use Dexcom to let my pump to do anything because sometimes it is 50 to 100 points off so in other words my blood sugar could be 150 not 50 and it would shut off and I could end up very high or even in DKA when it was actually not that low.

One of the things that happens frequently to me as if I have a dexcom on my left leg and I almost always sleep on my left side it reads as low a lot of the time because of the pressure.

But other than that it is frequently just off sometimes so it is not trustworthy for basing anything to do with insulin treatment for me. I have to confirm with finger sticks. In spite of that though I am sure it has saved my life more than a few times. And I really like the new warning now that it tells you you’re going to go low in 15 minutes because if I don’t feel the low coming on myself I got that warning and I can start treating it before it gets really bad.

I’m glad you have your brother to help you. We really have to conserve money now so we will probably be going to Quebec or BC where it is covered without a caveat. I really do not want to go to Quebec, because there’s so much snow there, we lived there years ago, and Bc is pretty expensive. But now that I know that I can restart these and use one per month instead of three that would make it less expensive hopefully if I do have to pay a lot for it. I just wonder what is going to happen with the G7 when the transmitter is built into the sensor I hope there will be a way to restart those as well. At some point Dexcom is not going to be able to hold onto their information and there will be other companies that will make cheaper and hopefully better versions.

All they care about is making as much money as they can truth be told.

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I agree with you, no question. The profits margins being gathered are obscene and there really should be a specific tax that is directed back to diabetics in the form of very reduced costs for everything that T1Ds need to live their lives without problems. Why that hasn’t happened is beyond me, seems like it should be a natural solution that would reduce financial issues for those who need these products to survive. BC is actually really beautiful and in the smaller communities the home and rental costs are quite moderate. That may have changed in the past while but there are lots of jobs in the tourism sector if you have any interest in that. Hopefully all T1 and T2 diabetics can avoid this virus, seems it can complicate our health so severely.

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If it’s that far off, I wouldn’t bother using it.
I wear mine on the back of my arm and it’s pretty spot on most of the time.
I guess it just doesn’t work for everyone.

Yes, it is horrible that they profit off of people who have no choice but to use these devices and meds to stay alive and have some quality of life.

I don’t think the tourism field is for me I really am looking for something to work from home where I don’t have to be around people at all. That’s good to hear there are some nice areas in BC that are less expensive.

I use the corner of a grocery store card…the ones you get when you sign up for reward points, etc… They usually give you a card, plus 2 smaller key chain cards. I use these because eventually it gets chewed up (after a few months), and I don’t use the card anyway.

the plastic is a little less rigid than a credit card, and a little thinner so you can get it in there. Also have used old test strips.

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I find it is getting harder each time for some reason. I used a card the first time, then again but it got damaged at the corner and switched to part of a hair clip.

I am on my third restart but it was almost impossible to get off, the plastic part bent a bit- I was using the hair clip, eventually I got it off. I’m gonna try one of those little keychain cards like you suggested. I was still able to restart it and the sensor did not come out.

This will be great if I can only use one sensor for 30 days. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with G7, if they’ll stop us from restarting the transmitter/ sensor combo. I am sure they will try, but hopefully some smart people will find a workaround.

The best way is to not remove the transmitter but instead push a test strip Unser the transmitter from the narrow end. Just to block the contacts. Then after 10 min take it out and restart. No need to u d all those tabs

I tried that and it did not work. The test strip was too weak and also could not go under the transmitter.

Yea I sometimes have that issue but the next time it’s out you can file down a tiny bit of the transmitter and it becomes easy
A paper clip works too just enough to lift the transmitter off the contacts

I will try a paper clip but I doubt it will work. I’m not going to file down the transmitter I could end up damaging it. Just have to try to keep getting it out each time I restart it. One way or another.

i tried to wear the Dexcom on my thigh once and the readings were way off, my arm tricep area works best for me, but I’ve never had any luck on the thigh.

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