I did it!

In addition to a magical new home in the woods I just tested and got my first A1C under 6 - 5.7! Yay! Merry Christmas to me..lol. I just had to share with my 20,000 person support network!

Way to go Zoe!

Awesome, Zoe and congrats on the new home!

Double congrats ...to the A1C and to the Home ...merry , merry , merry :)

Fatabulous Zoe! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday..... :)

That is so great Congratulations.

What a wonderful house-warming present! :-) Keep up the good work! :-)

Thats fantastic! Way to go!!! Congrats, both of those are hard work!!

An A1c of 5.7 is awesome!

Good Job; Congrats.

How wonderful, Zoe.. I have not seen an under 6, a 5.7, since 2004. Looking back, I think it was dur to for me was more exercise and more vigilant monitoring.. And you do that VERY well. Your new home and the lovely outdoors will afford you more of such opportunities for extended good health. Keep it up: I am proud of you!!!

God Bless,

Hi Zoe, congratulations on both counts. I'm assuming your new home includes a magical kitchen...

That's AWESOME!!! And I'm jealous. Great job Zoe!

AWESOME ZOE!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!

Congrats on both counts !!!!! An A1c under 6% is really something to be proud of.

Nothing fancy, but lots of room, Trudy. My new home (rental) is a geodesic dome so it's all open space and big triangle windows looking out at the woods!

Wow, thank you everyone! I loved signing on to all this positive energy response!

I almost didn't believe the number when I saw it, and I realized I've been not getting something really important! (For a smart kid I can be dense as hell at times). When I saw my new doctor last week he asked "what's the highest you ever go?" (kind of a silly question). I said "I go up into the 200s sometimes but I always correct right away. He looked at me blankly because he probably doesn't know what "correcting" is.

I always correct, but I hadn't absorbed the meaning of it, in terms of A1C and, of course, overall well being. The A1C measures not just the numbers you hit, but how long you spent at them. Right? So if I hit 200, and within an hour have slid back down to 125 by correction, it will count the time at each number, right? The actual 200 may only be minutes. I'm not explaining this well (still early) but I think I just now got the importance of correcting and why my A1C was lower than I'd expected. (I was expecting around 6.0). Am I thinking right about this?

Thanks again, all of you, it means a lot to me.

A geodesic dome for your home sounds wonderful! We have a more conventional home, but it's surrounded by quite a few trees. I love to watch the seasons change from our glassed-in porch. I can just imagine how much fun it will be for you to watch the woods change through the triangle windows, and maybe walking in those woods will help to keep your A1C's in the 5's. Enjoy your new life; the new year started early!

Well done Zoe that is fantastic news! Jealous ha!

So how did you do it? ;)

House sounds amazing as well, I am intrigued by the design and again am very jealous as I like to play at being a backwoodsman in my spare time.

Stick some photos up on your page if you get the time!

I think you are absolutely correct to look at A1C as a measurement of "time at number" that you don't get from the 'points' in say a BG log. While I understand some people suggesting that focusing entirely on A1C is pointless, I think the test has value to show the "time" factor a bit differently. A CGM would be great if it actually worked reliably more than 2/3 of the time so there's always a bit of "tick...tock...tick...tock...the envelope please!" with A1C results, even though I seem to do ok.

I will correct at a lot lower than 200 if it's going up steeply, figuring that if it's spiking hard, I want to "head it off at the pass". If I overcorrect, well, I usually have some carbs lying around...