I Refuse

I Refuse

In the face of overwhelming odds, I refuse to surrender. I refuse to give up. I will NEVER quit trying.

Should I fail, I will never EVER give up. I will simply start again, look the failure in the eyes and tell it to take a good look as it sees me continuing to move forward, step by step. I am NO victim. I simply have diabetes. And all that means is that I'm a man who is very much alive, who is day by day attaining goals, fulfilling dreams, reaching for more and more of the precious and awe-inspiring life I am privileged to live, never settling, but continuing to strive for any and all that comes into my sphere of understanding and knowledge. I just happen to have a dead pancreas. And?

This message brought to you by a momentary need to verbally kick the ■■■ of a few lingering stray thoughts of self doubt that had been hiding out in my formerly weak and unmotivated brain. They're all dead now... They were long ago replaced by a new, continued sense of determination, and just a little more heart than I had before-hand. It's good to remind yourself how far you've come every once in a while... I feel better now... Thanks for listening

Way cool post that is the right type of thinking!

Thanks for this…I am teary eyed but smiling.

Love hearing that Tim. I’m Happy that you took a breather and began again. Way to go.
I refuse to give up also. :slight_smile:

Go, Tim!

Diabetes used to be “my” problem. No one else really understood what each day was like in the constant battle to even out the blood sugars That was lonely.

Now I’ve discovered, through social media, just how many wonderful people are also fighting the good fight every day, Like your post. Your determination inspires my determination. Thank you.

Three cheers for you. Keep that attitude up, it saves us all.