I saw this article regarding diabetes etiquette on DLife yesterday

Hello Fellow TuDiabetes Members!!

On a recent DLife episode, I saw a link (see below) regarding a downloadable & printable brochure that provides tips of do’s and don’t s for diabetics to utilize; with regard to proper diabetic etiquette. I can relate to some of these tips on this printable brochure…

What do you think about the printable or how can you relate to any of the etiquette tips?

Take Care!!


My favorite tip from the Dlife etiquitte list is number 05. Which one is yours?

Number 1 and 5 are my faves.
I went out to eat not to long ago on a double date with my friend and her bf. As I was eating, she told me, “thats not good for you” “you aren’t supposed to eat that” “diet still has sugar in it” (since when does diet have sugar in it?) "you shouldnt eat that ketchup"
I felt like saying get off my back. I am old enough to make my own decisions and know how to manage my bg. Its frustrating when someone is hounding you as you are trying to have a good time.
I think she was mostly kidding, not so much being concerned or mean. But it hurt me. I already know I will be living with this for the rest of my life. Every time I give an injection or poke my finger, its a reminder.
I ended up telling her how I feel, and I haven’t heard from her since :-/
Sorry for the rant lol. But those 2 I thought were most important

Mine is 10. I do some much better with love and encouragement than criticism or snippy comments.

Wow, If only folks would practice that. Heck, if I had these things I would pass them out. My favorite is the one about not looking at the glucomoter. This waitress came over saw i was 157 and started in how high that was, she never goes over 150. I told her i never go under 150, she scurried off to the kitchen shaking her head. Every time i test less than 150, i think about her.

rick phillips

Hi Rick!

You can click the link and print these DLife brochures on your printer to pass them out.

Here is the main link: http://www.accu-chek.com/us/rewrite/content/en_US/7.12:3/navigation_link/ACCM_general_article_4908.htm?utm_source=roche&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=cards

Yes, it can be very frustrating when someone monitors what you eat! I can relate to your post.

Here’s another one to add to the list: when I tell you about my pump or show you, don’t look at me weird and offer your negative opinion of it. You don’t have to wear one!

haha i love all of these!! they are so true!! :slight_smile:

That’s a great tip Mari!

Yes Amanda! They are so true. I am sure many diabetics had experienced at least one of the items on the list. At least once. lol

I love all of these tips!

Call me a pessimist, but I like the “DON’T” tips better than the “DO”'s. If I want your support or sympathy, I’ll ask for it. Otherwise, I can handle it on my own – and if I screw up, I’ll be the first to know and the first to learn from it.

Number 8, though, I like (it’s actually a “DON’T” disguised as a “DO”). I never want to say anything to disappoint my grandmother, but after she spends all day making an apple pie dessert that she “made with Splenda … you can have it”, how do I explain that the fruit and the crust still has sugar, and the butter still has fat, and I’m still best avoiding it?

Good points Scott! It is hard to say no to our parents or grandparents when they make that special treat for us.

Me too!

Those are very good tips, thanks for the link. Maybe I should translate them to German and just hand them out, whenever I encounter one of the don’ts, lol. Happens a lot.

But I’d add: Don’t tell me, that you could never give yourself an injection, whenever you see me doing one. Because I don’t have a choice and honestly, of all the things I have to deal with, the injection part is really the easiest. I’d do 10 injections a day, if it meant I no longer have to count carbs or couldn’t go low.

I don’t know, that just ticks me off and is the most frequent comment I get.


I like numbers 3 and 5. It annoys me so much sometimes when people looks at me as if its the end of the world for me!

Love the brochure but one thing I really object to is people calling me Diabetic, as if that’s who I am. No!!! I HAVE diabetes. This is more politically correct in some countries than others, it seems. I was appalled to find that when I wanted some Diabetes jewellery, nearly all products outside Australia had “Diabetic” on it. It might be a small distinction, but for me it’s an important one. I HAVE diabetes. Got a blank one and had it engraved myself with “Diabetes”.

Other than that - the Food Police should be given that brochure before they’re allowed to open their mouths!


i have a top ten on my page, little bit out there compared to this one. But i did like this one, i would hand it out to people.