I see! (Photos asked for.) JOHNBEN

There is a closed discussion on my Good bye posting. Have to use this to tell that there are 3 photos posted in my photo album. 2 paintings and one of me today at age 80. They were requested by members. Please do not remove this before it is seen.


Dave is right(which is unusual in itself :smiley: j/k ). Your Goodbye posting is still open JB.

I left a comment on your profile page, about your Good paintings.

Wow, must have been a hot good bye

Okay…as long as there is someone nearby to help pick you up off the floor. =P

Yes, he meant this discussion Dave.


:slight_smile: Good! I wouldn’t hit a Man.

JB couldn’t find that discussion so he thought someone had closed it. This Forum is confusing if you don’t experiment and put the time in it.

Heh, Heh , no fighting on my patch! If you guys behave like that when I’m gone I may have to come back…

JOHNBEN, a peaceful fellow, most of the time…