Ideas and thoughts for Live Interview guests! Who would you love to see interviewed?!

Hello! There was so much interesting discussion surrounding Dr. Phil yesterday… and some great Live Interview ideas were shared!

Who would you love to see interviewed on tudiabetes Live?!! Or a certain topic covered?

I would like to hear Peter Attia, but I think we’ve tried to get him in the past without success.


If I recall, Emily did have a positive discussion with him but we had difficulty with logistics. It is also true that he left NSI.

I have some other things I was hoping to pursue but have been swamped.

i think it would be cool to maybe also interview some of our “successful” members to share their stories. not naming any of them but have some suggestions in my mind if this idea is supported by others.
plus, have we ever had Ryan Reed interviewed?


We’ve done some of that in the past. We had a dual interview with Richard157 and someone else, I forget who.

we had ryan reed, but the audio was really poor and emily had to cut it short. he’d be super (and he’s cute lol).

I’d like to bring back Shai Gozani, CEO of Neuromatix. they recently won “best wearable tech device” for their Quell product, which many ppl are using to alleviate pain (and he also knows a LOT about neuropathy).

TomB another long time T1D -not sure what happened to him

I have on my queue to contact Dr. Eric Westman and Dan Carpender (the low carb cookbook author).

We had also talked about having Franziska Spritzler, low carb dietician come back and talk with us.

I’d like to hear other thoughts from our community.


yeah would be nice for the eyes with Ryan Reed :slight_smile:

Have we ever had anybody from BigFoot Biomedical? I know we had Ed Damiano, but research really is interesting to me

I think I’m going to listen to this right now!

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I think a lot of people would be interested to hear from a professional athlete on how they control their T1D during events and training.


That’s a good one!

We had Sebastien Sasseville a few years back (another cute one😉) but defo agree we could have more.



My first thought was a panel of some of the folks who are frequent contributors here. It could either have a theme or simply questions that the community (or interviewer) asks. I realize there are great folks doing research and extraordinary things, but I find I learn the most from those of us doing this every day, year in, year out…


I’d like to see an interview of someone who knows something of the hospital environment for someone with diabetes. How best to navigate this risky setting.


I was awake all night last night thinking of this! It’s what I am hoping to do for next weeks interview!! It will be a forum post tomorrow! Thank you so much for the feedback Lucia! :blush:


This is so great! Like “inside the ER” or "Wing 7: what’s really behind those crazy big metal doors?"
I have spent way too much time in the hospital and then subsequently on the phone for months after…sorting things out! so many great angles on this information! Thanks Terry!


I would like to see more info about an active t2s
And how the manage bg while exercising
Maybe include both those who were fit an active before DC and those who made changed

I would like t hear from some one who has experience working with pre diabetic. Developing a approach to manage their condition. It seems most were given no direction or sources of assustancev