If only I knew.....Day 2 The miracle of prayin

It’s Sunday morn at 8 am, the Radiologist comes and takes me to do the 20 minute c-scan on my heart than takes me back to my room to wait for the tech to take me to the ‘Stress Test’. That was at 11:10am when the tech came and got me, the experience was awful. When the med came in me it put so much pressure on me, I couldn’t talk and it was hard to breath. Finally, the 5mins went thru to were they took the med insertion out. Had to explain what I felt, and than they took me back to my room. There my mother, brother and sister in law were waiting. And FOOD!! The Tech said he be back to get me to finish the c-scan for the after the ‘stress test’ results.

1:30 comes and he finally comes for me to finish the test. Back in my room at 2:l5pm. But you know, I feel perkier more
like feeling better. So I got on my laptop and I was so estactic to find that my friends here on this site was praying for me. My mother and family had went to church last night and the whole congregation was praying for me as well. You know I would always pray for others and take care of them when I could. And always felt good to see them either getting better or life was turning around for them.

I will always remember this how my friends (family) of tudiabetes came to pray for me. Well, the doctor comes in and says that my heart is good to go. I have no blockages or blood clots. But I still have to follow up with another c-scan in one week on the heart.

I can’t tell you how scared I was, just want to spend more years with my gkids and the remaining best years my husband and I can have. There is so much to do to maintain Diabetes but with support like this site, I know I can do it. Just waiting on the husband to take me home. Finally.

Oh, thanks for the miracle of praying. Love you, guys and gals always.

This is wonderful news. We will continue to pray and think positive, so we can see you “turn this thing around”!

Great news! We will continue to keep you in our prayers:)

HooRayyyyyy…All is good!,Tacke Care now!
God Bless,Deb

Love you all for making this happening as well