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Hi Hilory! I feel you. I’m lucky (!) that I wasn’t diagnosed with T1D until my early 20’s. Not that I’ve ever felt “settled”, but my teens were a hard enough trip without the baggage of diabetes. I also struggle with food, but the more days I eat well, the more I can be mindful of the good things around me. One of those “circles”, but not the vicious kind!

I’m now 51 and figuring out how to deal with diabetes burnout. Talking to people who understand has been a major comfort.

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Hi. I’m a 26 year old male. I’m a medical doctor by profession. i was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes exactly a year back on August 15th with a HbA1C of 14.1% and a fasting blood sugar of 409 and Post prandial of 489. I’ll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of getting diagnosed tomorrow and i just wanted to write a memo to remind myself and tell others who are in the same mental condition that i was in a year back that diabetes is beatable.
i weighed in 112 kgs at the start of my diagnosis and currently i weigh 72 kilograms.
was on insulin (short acting and Basal) for the first 15 days and then switched to Metformin 750 mg twice daily. Started hitting the gym as soon as the dose of the insulin was reduced and my blood sugar returned to the levels of 150-170’s. Stopped eating processed food. Nearly completely cut off my carb intake. 3 months later my endocrinologist reduced the dose of metformin to 500mg twice daily. got my A1C from 14.1% to about 5.7% in the first 3 months; 5.0% in the next 3 months on 500 mg Metformin twice a day; 5.4% in the next 3 months on 500 mg metformin once a day. i was still going to the gym 6 days a week sometimes being lazy and not going in between. i got my last 3 months assessment today. At exactly 9 months from my diagnosis i stopped taking any medications and hitting the gym and started just watching my diet. today i got my results back. 5.1% without any meds and gym. i sold my bike and walked to and back from work.
in a span of 9 months i got off meds and lost about 40kgs of weight and reversed my diabetes. As a doctor i’ve been on both sides of the examining chair. And this past year has taught me a lot; more than what medical school could ever have. as long as you’ve got a good support system and a will to overcome diabetes by taking whatever measures necessary you’ll beat diabetes. The first and the major thing you’ll ever need to beat diabetes is weight loss. i think i’m a living example of that.
My motivation for all this: The day i was diagnosed with diabetes; i thought this is the end of me, i’m gonna die if i don’t get my ■■■■ together. I was very scared even though i knew everything about diabetes. all my years in medical school i’d never seen an HbA1C of 14%.

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Hello to everyone here.

My name is Grahame and I was diagnosed 25 years ago at age 22 with Type 1 Diabetes - I felt fine but I’d dropped a lot of weight (60 lbs over a couple of years) and I was drinking Coke by the gallon. My GP had me come in fasting to do a glucose tolerance test but the pre-test levels were enough to diagnose.

25 years later…two weeks ago I was on the rollercoaster: pre-meal bg ranged from 4 to 17 mmol/L in a typical week. Daily averages were in the 10s and 11s and I’d see about 3-5 lows (usually afternoon/evenings because my BG would start high in the mornings and drift down over the course of the day). I was taking 50 units of Lantus at bedtime and about 100 total units of rapid (depending on carbs) before meals over the course of the day.

Since then I’ve switched to a low-carb diet and my bg numbers are now ranging from 4 to 10 with far more readings in range. Daily averages are in the 7s and I’ve had only 1 low in the last week. I’m now taking 36 units of Lantus at bedtime and 15-20 total units of Rapid over the course of a day. It’s incredible.

Anyway, I stumbled across this site looking for more info on CGM and seeing how others are doing with low-carb and T1D and signed on.

Hello, I’m John and a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 20+ yrs ago. I’m on the t:slim X2 & Dexcom G5 now. Struggled with MDI and lots of ‘teststrips’ per day as a ‘Bluecollar’ worker, but retirement & Medicare now allow the luxury of the pump & CGM. Hate being ‘tethered’ to the pump by the infusion tubing (which catches on Everything!), but hopefully I’ll get better A1c #'s over time…

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I just found this site, looks interesting. I’ll soon be 75 and have had type 1 since 1961.
I use a Minimed 670 and just starting with a Dexcom G5.

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Hi, let me introduce myself, I’m Tyler, been a type 1 diabetic for 35 years. I also was diagnosed with kidney failure about 3 years ago. I live in Illinois. I use Tresiba and Novolog pens. Been through a lot in my life, including being in a coma, but always looking to learn. If you have any questions about type 1 diabetes or even dialysis, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer whatever question you have.



Hi everyone. I am new here and trying to navigate for now.

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Welcome, @sgtjim!

If you have any questions or just feel like sharing, don’t hesitate! Start a new discussion or add to existing ones, as you’ve already done!

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Hi everyone. New here. …Jim

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Hi folks, I’ve been type 1 for five or six years now.
I’m hoping to pick up some wisdom and get better at controlling it :slight_smile:

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HI - My name is Jim. I’m T1 diagnosed 45 years ago at 17. I’ve been on a pump for 20+ years. Looking forward to learning and sharing,

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I’m Hosam, an Egyptian civil engineer fighting type 1.
Been diagnosed about 15 years ago I guess… (since 2004 ?!!)
and have been pumping since 2011 :astonished: (:smile:)

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