I'm getting a omnipod!

Okay after falling in love with the Cozmo… I was talked into trying the Omnipod. I did a saline trial while still wearing my Minimed 722… Then when I went to go turn in my PDM I was able to do a live insulin trial. As Etta James said “AT LAST MY LOVE HAS COME ALONG…” I called the doctor and told him not to fax the paperwork for the Cozmo that I wanted the omnipod NOW! He faxed in the paperwork that after noon (I filled it out for him 6 days before so all he had to do was sign it) and they called me on Friday (Sept 5th) saying that they will call the insurance tommorow (Monday) and make sure they are still going to cover it (they will but they have to make sure???)

My local rep. has been soooo paitent with me!!! I called him at LEAST 12x’s before I even meet him for the trial. Then he didn’t treat me like I was an idiot and let me ask him even more questions and some of the same questions. Then he let me set up the PDM with telling me how to do it (I’m sure it was to show me how easy it was but it was a good tactic) Then when I put it in I didn’t even feel it!!! I am in love!!!

Congratulations!!! I hope you love it!! I can’t wait to get mine in November!!!

Congrats!!! =D I have has the omnipod for almost 2 months now, and still am amazed with it =)


Congrat’s your going to love the POD! I have been podding since MAY and I “Love it”.



Robin after waiting more then a month fro triaining I started it myself… I LOVE IT! Itis absolutly amazing and you will probably love it to.



Today marks my 10th day of wearing the Omnipod. I love it. Had one problem with a occlusion but changed locations and it is working out fine. Found a spot on my back where I forget that it is there. Good luck to you !

I got the stuff yesterday- but now what? Nobody’s called to set up training. Do I call them or what?

Yes, I AM impatient! I wanna’ get started (whine, whine) :slight_smile:

I say call them that is what I did

I’ll second that - call them! I got a call from my CDE to schedule training before I received my shipment from Insulet.

You can include me in the group of impatient Omnipod wearer. I recieved training from my Diabetes Educator who set up the initial data and started me on saline. I waited for a call from my Dr. to authorize use of insulin. That call never came. I started on the pump myself. If you can’t get a Insulet Representative. Call a Diabetes Educator !

I called (thanks for the suggestion!) and they’ve emailed the person who trains at my endo’s office. Of course it may be a week before I hear from her.

It’s been nothing but trouble since the big doc retired, you know? My CDE is great, but the new doc is kinda’ lame. I’m seriously considering trying one of the others.

One thing I have learned in the past almost 11 years with Diabetes. Is if you don’t trust,like, agree and respect EVERYTHING thats your doctor says then it is time to switch. I currently drive almost 3 hours every month just to see a Endo that I completely agree with,trust, like, and respect with all my heart. Everytime I have had an issue the last couple months (that is how long I have been seeing him) I call his pager and with in 10 mintues he calls back. He is always professional and caring Even at 2am!!!

Don’t wait until something happens that drives your bloodsugars up (stress or sickness they don’t deal with or cause) switch the moment you start thinking about it.


The Endo that I currently have is O.K. but it takes 1 hour to get wo him and he has no affiliation with my local hospital. The area I live in has a shortage of Endocrinologist. Driving to Philadelphia would be my next step. My sugars have fluctuated since I have been on the pump and I may need to have my settings adjusted. How often were your visits when you first started the pump ?

It doesn’t seem to matter about the hospital affiliation- the ones that treat you in the hospital want to control everything. The last time I was in house, they refused to listen to me or to call the endo for direction ( and she was across the street from them). I finally refused to let them do anything except check my BG. My hubby brought my insulin from home.
The Insulet folks got me set up, by the way. I go for training tomorrow.

Thanks for the adivce!

When I first started pumping in 2007 I had a check up every week for 3 months then every month when I saw my endo. I know do most of my own changes and call if I ever need a little guidence (or jsut can’t figure something out) My insurance requires me to see my endo every month (and they pay 100% including travel so I don’t have a problem with that) since I have started pumping I also see a “CDE” (who is actually a Pharmasist who specializes in D) every other week just for a check up. But once again my insurance pay 100% and everything over 80miles they remeberse for travel. So I don’t have an issue seeing them that much.

So Emily, How’s it going??? You should be on pod 4 or 5 by now. How do you like it?

I’m on pod 3 and I have to say that I really miss all the injections.Yeah right.

The only bad thing so far is I had to clean out a cabinet to put all my pods away. My wife put her foot down the other night and told me that they could not stay in that box from Insulet forever.


I acctually on pod 9 (I had 2 bad pods) and I LOVE IT!!! I too still have them in that HUGE box from insulet only because I still have all the minimed stuff and no one will take them!!! I have 27 boxs of One Touch Ultra Test Strips!!!

I truley love them Omnipod infact the other night when I was changing one I got caught huming “At Last” by Etta James!!! I is weird not having tubing though and not having to have somthing on my hip 24/7 the other night I got worried becasue I did not see any tubing when I was trying on clothes. :smiley: I HAVE MY NEW BEST FRIEND!

How many boxes of test strips??? Are you getting ready for Y3K or something?

I had an MDI flashback this morning while driving on the way to work. I thought, “Oh crap, I forgot to take my shots this morning.” Took my foot off the gas to find a place to turn around because I never took my lantus with me to work. Then it hit me, I’ve got my pod.

Hate to hear about the two bad pods. I have not had one yet. (knocking on wood)