Infusion Sets - does anyone have problems with bruising & then, poor absorption?

Hi. I would appreciate any ideas regarding infusion sets that work well for active, slim pumpers. I used Comfort shorts for many years. Earlier this year I started having problems with bruising at the site. So, my CDE recommended I try insets and insets 30. I have tried them both and still am having problems with bruising, and then, poor absorption at the site. I have tried various sites on my body & still no luck. Thanks!

I've had good luck with inset-30s. Are you pressing the sets down? I find that I do best when the set is sitting lightly on my skin before I push the release.

I like Silhouettes, I' not sure how they correspond to the insets exactly. From the pics, it looks like they are similar but it looks like the needle on the inset 30 is at an angle? I usually stick them in manually and, if I run into some old scar tissue or whatever, I'll stick it somewhere else. I've had a couple recently in my "main area" on my abdomen and have good results in my legs and mostly on my upper love-handle area in back, where I can reach. Another thing that I've done for a bit is to crank the basal up to 200% when I stick a new site in, until the BG starts to drop on my CGM. This seems to "kick start" the proceedings pretty readily.

Thanks. I did try the inset 30s but after using a box of the inset 30s & inset straight sets, decided the 30s caused more bruising. I even met with the Animas rep and we went thru how to insert each set. so, perhaps the mantra is "keep trying?!"

Thanks for the response. I do find that "kick starting" the set with extra insulin helps. I just increase the amount of insulin needed when filling the canula. So, if the instructions call for .03 units I do .60. So, that helps, but only if the site is absorbing.
I also find that using my abdomen is best. That said, a few months back I got a Dexcom CGM and decided I need to leave my abdomen for that device, so I've been trying my legs, love handles, etc. I guess I could sit on the couch & eat bonbons for a week to increase my abdomen sites........! :)