I am really loving my Animas PING. The meter and pump screens are just fantastic compared to my old meter and pump. The screens are even brighter that the one on the Contour USB which was the meter I was using prior to this, and definitely MUCH (!) better than on my Cozmo.

I’m finding the graphing feature, especially, really motivating! I wish it was possible to adjust the number of days shown (right now it can only show three), but I suppose that’s what downloading is for. It’s motivating to look at a graph and see almost all the readings between the lines, although right now my lines are set at 3.9 to 10.0 mmol/L (70-180 mg/dl) which is a bit wide. I am just working on staying out of the teens, though.

Today I looked at my average and was really excited because it has not been in the 7s for a LONG time! I hope this keeps up and hope that my next A1c (getting it next week) is down into the 7% range. That would make me very happy!

That is great news. After all the difficulty you have had, finally something where you can feel like your efforts are making a difference. Way to go Jen!

Wonderful news Jen …how technology does have a place in our lives !!