Infusion Set Help Needed

I'm trying to deal with some infusion set problems. I have dysfibrinogenemia--which sound impressive but is just a blood abnormality that causes me to bruise easier and heal slower. I also tend to develop skin infections really easily. I have already been having problems with the inset infusion sets in the 2.5 weeks I have been using them. I had one get infected, in spite of carefuland clean insertion technique and chaging every 2 days.

None of the spots where the sets were inserted have healed yet. When I change them the site usually is pretty red with some serous drainage. Maybe someone could tell me what their experiences have been and what is normal and what is not.

My CDE at Animas is having them send samples of the Inset 30 and something called a contact-detach, which seems to have a steel needle. What do you think? Any other suggestions? My control is so much better with the pump already that I have no intention of changing--if I continue to have problems with the sites I will just find a way to live with it.

I had had similar troubles with medtronic sets, but it was a new problem . When I was on an animas pump, it never happened. A person on this site suggested I use an IV3000 or similar dressing and poke through it so the adhesive would not touch my skin. I nver thought this would help because the trouble I was having was beneath the skin. It solved my trouble though. I think the adhesive was working its way down the canula and irritating the dermis.

To solve the infection trouble, you should use a tiny dot of neosporin. and push your needle through that spot. I have not had an infectioon in the 3 years I have been doing that.
You need to make sure not to make too big a dot of neosporin because too much will prevent the adhesive from sticking. I keep mine in the fridge because it is easier it make small dots when it is cold. I think the needle drags some down in too,
If you try the Iv300) you put it down, then put a dab of neosporin and then poke through the spot and the iv3000. I think you will have a totally different experience.

It is worth a try !


Tim, thanks for that info about the Neosporin. I rarely get infections, but I can get some ugly dots :) I never have reactions to my CGM, I can only assume that is because I not continuously injecting a substance with them (Insulin). So I may try the neo and see if I can stop some of the dots!

Yes well if you use an IV3000 you can put a larger spot of it under the dressing.
I've used just a tiny drop at the needle site for years and its worked find though, Now I have sets that I am allergic to, so now I use the Iv3000 and more neosporin. I am sure that any tripple antibiotic ointment would work.