Infusionset in arm

Where do the women who insert their infusionset in arm place their pump? How do you manage on pulling down your pants? I normally have my pump on my waist attached to my pants. I dont where a bra very often. Any suggestions?

Not a woman, but I like wearing my pump under my shirt. I tried a couple of things and what works well for me are something called “invisible belts.” They are adjustable length and elastic and come in a a 4 pack, so they can be washed. I wear then 24 hours, in bed, bicycling, walking around, well just everything.

This would work well for arms, but I save my arms for Dexcom.

Neither do I. But I do tend to wear snug fitting tank tops, “layering tanks”, as under shirts. (Mostly just so I don’t have to worry about surprise show-through with leggings and whatnot) I just clip it to the neckline of the tank, and the pump lives in my cleavage. I feel like I’ve got the perfect built-in pump pocket there. Plus it’s so easy to see/access. I just have to tip it forward a bit. No need to unclip it and pull it out.

I always wear it there, no matter where my infusion set is. Thankfully, I’m short, so the 23-inch tubing even reaches my thighs, but leaves me on a very short leash if I want to actually pull the pump out of my neckline.

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I use my arms a lot for my pump site. Since starting on the pump I wear it in a soft, stretchy, pocketed belt. This is my favorite brand having tried many: Twilight Pocketed Wrap - BANDI Wear

I wear it 24/7, so at night my pump is still on me, and I don’t have to deal with it when I turn in my sleep. (I sleep in a t-shirt or nothing). If you’re getting dressed your pump is still on you and you don’t have to be holding it…

It’s helpful for exercising as well, as I can fit keys, a bar for lows, etc, in the other pockets. I love it, don’t know what I’d do without them! I have them in a few colors for different outfits, though they really don’t show…

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I bought this on Amazon. I’m pretty sure it will work.