Ladies who wear their pump in their arm

Where do the ladies who wear their pumps in their arm place their pump at? I was thinking of fashioning a headband around my arm for easy access to it. Your thoughts?

Ever since that indictment last year, my lawyer says that I can no longer comment on women’s fashion. but, this amazon page might offer some suggestions.

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Mine lives nestled between the girls. It’s the most central and convenient place for me. It’s usually clipped to my bra or tank top. I think simplicity is best. I see no reason to go strapping other stuff on.

Why would you want the pump on your arm? That seems awkward to me (Though, I guess my fiddling with electronics in my boobs might seem awkward to others, too.) Are your infusion sets not long enough to reach elsewhere?

At my pump trainer’s suggestion, I did buy some baby socks You can safety pin them anywhere, and you’ve got an instant pump pocket. I’ve only actually done that twice though, for evening wear with plunging necklines. Was able to pin the sock discreetly to undergarments.

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I thought I would try my arm for my I fusionset because I have been hitting alot of veins in my stomach and leg area. I use the tsure’s as I can remove it without throwing it away if I get it in a vein. If I kept it in my bra it would be the closest to the site. It would be a little bit of a hassle to have to take it out when bolussing. I also figured I might as well use any area that I can in order to give other sites a rest.

D’Etta Meloche

Hehehehe, @Rphil2. Thats the funniest thing I’ve heard this week.

Since I’m tubeless I don’t have that problem. But when I did have tubes I would run it under my clothes and into a pocket. Worked great and no boobs affected. LOL

I probably won’t be able try my arm until the warm weather comes.

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