"INSANITY" my new workout program! Diabetes and all! I can do it! My first three days so far

Day 3 “INSANITY” Cardio Power and Resistance! HOLY SWEAT! July 29, 2009 9:31 AM

WOW WOW WOW!!! Talk about sweating. I know I don’t smell good, but by golly this will make me look gooood lol :slight_smile: I love how the time flies by with these workouts! I can’t find a complaint yet about “Insanity” I know its only day 3 but I swear I’ve lost weight LOL Woohoo! :slight_smile: Tomorrow is recovery. I’m curious to see what that one is all about. I feel awesome and I’m ready for more! Bring it!!

Diabetes is going alright. I ended up having a bad low blood sugar at 4 a.m. which sucked cause I couldn’t fall back asleep. I still may need to adjust my meds for these workouts. I’m thinkin I still might be taking too much insulin. But hey I’m all about that. Like I said the less I’m on the better it is for me!! It will make losing weight a ton easier. I think it will prob take me a few weeks to figure out how to manage my meds with the workouts. I’m getting there. Its def a trial and error and I know I’ll get everything straightend out. If anyone has had low blood sugars, then you know how tough they are to deal with because of how they make you feel. I dread every one I have! On a positive note though I know how awesome exercise and eating right are for my diabetes and man o man the stronger I get the weaker my disease gets!!! WOOHOO I could not ask for more than that!!! So I’m BLESSED!

Off to working on the Beachbody biz now. Being a coach is getting more inspirational for me everyday. I can’t believe I’m helping others change their lives. At first I don’t think it really was sinking in what that meant, but the more I get into this coaching thing the more I realize how impowering it is to be helping others. If only I’d had someone there to help me when I began my journey to getting in shape, gosh things would’ve been so much easier. I have so much to learn, but really look forward to helping as many as I can feel better about themselves and know that there is NOTHING that can hold them back. We are all flawed and perfection is not the goal, but bringing exercise and a healthy diet into your life can make you feel like a ROCKSTAR!!! Trust me!!! I feel like a new woman everyday! Thank you Beachbody!! Thank you INSANITY!!!

Day 2 “INSANITY!” Plyometric Cardio Circuit! July 28, 2009 9:50 AM

I’m not gonna lie. Today was TOUGH!!! I went through this DVD last week just to see what it was like! I think I did better last week than I did today! I struggled today. Especially on the push-ups! I clearly need to continue to work on my shoulders. They are my weak area. I look forward to doing this workout again to see if I’ve gotten stronger. I believe I WILL!!!

Blood sugar has been great. I woke up at 98. After exercise I was 140. So all in all I’m satisfied with where its staying! I believe the more I do this the lower my sugars will be. I even decreased my long acting insulin last night and didn’t notice much of a difference. Insanity and Diabetes go well together :slight_smile: I’m gonna get healthier and be on less insulin in no time! I can’t wait!

My diet is going to be almost exactly the same as yesterday, but I’m going to make taco salads for dinner minus the corn chips!! :slight_smile: Might toss in Sun Chips or something like that instead. Thats what I usually do. I am adding in a bit more carbs to keep up with the energy needed for INSANITY! I bought some cherries and grapes yesterday. So I’m def adding in a bit more fruit and that keeps me going!

See ya’ll tomorrow! Its Cardio Power and Resistance! Breathe in and Out! Its going to be tough, but there is NO stopping me!! Lets get crazy :slight_smile: Smiles


“INSANITY” day 1 Fit Test and Cardio Abs!
July 27, 2009 8:38 AM

Just completed INSANITY fit test and Cardio Abs. Man I love this so far. I feel great and energetic. I didn’t eat great yesterday and was worried it would effect me today, but so far so good.

As far as the diabetes go I woke up this morning at 74 blood sugar and after working out I was at 130, but its slowly dropping again. All in all those are good results and I’m impressed with how my blood sugar is handling the intense workouts. I believe I will actually begin lowering my long acting insulin. I’m still struggling with lows in the middle of the night and the more intense my workouts get the worse I think my lows will get. Which IMO is a good thing. I like being on as little insulin as possible, since it makes it so tough for me to lose any weight. So if the workouts can help me do that! I’ll be THRILLED!!!

My diet plans today are as follows:

8:30 a.m. Breakfast - Shakeology with one banana, 1/2 c blueberries, 2 tbls flax seed

10:30 a.m. Snake- Protein Bar

12:00 Lunch- Spinach Salad with avacado, hard boiled eggs, turkey, 1 tbsp Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

3:00 p.m Snack- 1/2 c Cottage Cheese mixed with Yogurt

6:00 p.m Dinner- Grilled Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato, Broccoli

If my sugars are low at 9:00 p.m I’ll add a small snack before bed which will prob be a tbsp peanut butter and half a banana


Switch Kicks - 95

Power Jacks - 55

Power Knees - 100

Power Jumps- 40

Globe Jumps - 11

Suicide Jumps- 20

Push-Up Jacks - 20

Low Plank Oblique - 50

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I"ve already done Plyo Cardio Circuit and I loved it! So I can’t wait!

ITs a rainy day out, yucky bills are coming in, my daughter is sick and ugh I’ve got to order more meds with lousy insurance coverage!!!, but when I workout and eat right its amazing how much I can deal with without feeling the least bit depressed!!! I feel good and I haven’t lost my smile yet!!! :)))) So I’m gonna pat myself on the back! You should too! Have a great day. :slight_smile:

“INSANITY” Begins tomorrow! Diabetes and all! I CAN DO IT!!! July 26, 2009 9:26 PM

So I made it through P90x 2 times and just finishing up Chalene Extreme. Wow love both programs so much. I have not seen the end of them. I’ll be back to them again sometime in the near future!

Its INSANITY time now! Gosh I’m so excited!!! Scared, but excited! I’ve already done two trial workouts and loved them! I’ll do the fit test again tomorrow and prob go on a walk as well. Can’t wait!!

Being a Type 1 diabetic(juvenile) on 9 shots of insulin a day might be an issue now and then with this program! But I can do it. I know it! I refuse to let this disease control me and with programs through Beachbody I get more confident everyday in knowing I can make it through anything. I know most doctors wouldn’t even believe that having the disease that I have could even do what I’ve already done. I feel healthier, happier, and stronger now than I ever have. Even before I was diagnosed!

I plan on taking my photos tomorrow and getting all my info all together. I’ll be blogging everyday my diet, Insanity thoughts, diabetes good and bad, …and maybe just maybe I can help someone out there know that it doesn’t matter what you have as a hurdle…be it a disease, broken heart, …WHATEVER! YOU can do ANYTHING!!!

I hope to hear from other INSANITY junkies!!! Lets get CRAZY TOGETHER!!! MUAH!!!

See ya’ll tomorrow! Smiles and best wishes Jen



Wow, I think I just got a work-out scrolling down your blog!

Hey, there. I stumbled upon your blog and this website when I did a search for, “Insanity Workout Advice.” I came upon your blog only to discover you are also a type 1 diabetic. I am starting Insanity this week and I am curious with your early AM workouts what you are doing to keep your BGs from dropping way low. I am stunned that your post workout BGs are higher than your pre-workout BGs. I tend to drop majorly during a workout. Can you give me some advice, considering the intensity of Insanity, as to how to keep from going low? Thanks very much

Royden Mills