"INSANITY" Workout Blogs Day 10 to Day 13! WOOHOO! I've IMPROVED! Blood SUGARS ARE AWESOME!

Lovin Insanity! Here are my blogs over the last few days! Blood sugars are doing awesome!!! I'm so excited! Beachbody Coach Jen www.teambeachbody.com/jenmangum beachbodyjen@yahoo.com 970-209-4053 GET CRAZY WITH ME!

Day 13 “INSANITY” Fit test #2 WOW I IMPROVED! TOO COOL! August 10, 2009 9:15 AM

I feel great about the fit test. I def improved. I still struggle with the Push-jacks. I think I’m just wore out by that exercise. I wish they were at the beginning LOL! I love this fit test! Its so motivating to see that after just two weeks you have improvement! Here are my results from today and below them are my first fit test results!

#2 Fit Test Results Aug. 10th, 2009

  1. Switch Kicks- 104

  2. Power Jacks- 62

  3. Power Knees- 110

  4. Power Jumps- 45

  5. Globe Jumps - 12

  6. Suicide Jumps- 24

  7. Push-up Jacks- 22

Low Plank Ob. - 65

#1 Fit Test Results July 31, 2009

Switch Kicks - 95

Power Jacks - 55

Power Knees - 100

Power Jumps- 40

Globe Jumps - 11

Suicide Jumps- 20

Push-Up Jacks - 20

Low Plank Oblique - 50

INSANITY ROCKS! I’m lovin this! This week will be a little all over the place for me because I have a songwriting event going on in Denver, BUT I’m taking my INSANITY with me and plan on working out early in the mornings or if I have to in the evenings! I will get my blogs and accountability up whenever I get a chance! I just won’t be around as much and prob won’t get to invite any buddies :frowning: But I refuse to NOT push play at some point!!! :slight_smile: I love that Insanity travels so well and that I don’t have to bring weights and all that stuff! That makes life much easier!

Keep rockin! :slight_smile:

Day 12 INSANITY Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs! PURE SWEAT!
August 8, 2009 8:47 AM

Time for a shower! Gotta love all the sweat this one leaves you with. Great way to start the weekend. Man do I feel it in my abs after that. Its crazy that you don’t even do one crunch!

Blood sugars are awesome. Woke up at 81 and after working out I’m at 120. So I’m back on track from yesterday. I also feel full of energy and not so sluggish! Time for my shakeology! Which also has zero effect on my blood sugars! Love that!

I’m off to get my dog. He made it through surgery and they say is recovering well. Thank God. I can’t wait to see him. Its going to take some getting used too and work on all our part. Not having a leg will change his life forever, but I feel like he will come out ok and cancer free! Thats what matters most! We’ve saved his life, now I just want to save his quality of life!

INSANITY ROCKS! I’m already looking forward to month 2! Keep pushing play! See ya’ll Monday!

Day 11 “INSANITY” Cardio Power and Resistance! Love it! August 7, 2009 7:03 AM

“Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action, and purpose” Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is one of my idols. I always love hearing him talk about life and living it. I look up to him so much and read everything he writes! That quote is def one I like to live by!

Today was good. I was pouring sweat, so thats gotta be gooood :slight_smile: I’m noticing results already and I’m thrilled about that. I’ve dropped 4 lbs and really wasn’t trying to lose weight, so thats a nice extra benefit. I’m def seeing some changes in my abs and legs! After only two weeks! INSANITY ROCKS!

Blood sugars are good. I woke up a little higher and I’m not sure why. I was 120 this morning. That just happens sometimes and I don’t always understand it. I was 165 after exercise. So not bad. I like to be lower than that, but it doesn’t always work that way. Controlling blood sugar can sometimes be as tricky as trying to control your heartbeat. My pancreas doesnt work at all and so I have to do the work its supposed to be doing for me. Prob is the pancreas never stops working. It helps you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. So its hard to manage something that requires that much attention. Like I said its kind of like if you had to control every beat of your heart. I’m very proud though of how well I’ve been able to control mine. Diet and exercise are key!

Thanks to all of those for their kind messages to me about my dog! He’s in surgery now. Thank you very much. You all rock!

Day 10 “INSANITY” Cardio Recovery…Nice! August 6, 2009 9:41 AM

I needed this recovery day! My body feels so much better and everything is nice and stretched out. These are the kind of workouts though that I never want to do. Its so hard for me to have a mellow workout. I always think if its not hardcore its not a workout. I’m slowly changing my way of thinking now that I’m doing “INSANITY”. I can see how much of a benefit stretching and chillin out like this one day a week does the body good! I’m stubborn, but I admit I needed this workout. My body is thanking me! I will probably go on a nice long walk this afternoon and take in some sunshine! I think that will make for a perfect recovery day :slight_smile:

My blood sugars are good. Woke up at 90 today and after working out they didn’t raise a bit. So thats perfect. I probably won’t eat as many calories today, since I didn’t workout as hard. So that should help me keep my blood sugars very level.

Tomorrow I’m gonna have to change up my schedule a bit on INSANITY. I have to take my dog to have his leg removed. He has cancer in it. He’s a Boxer and might as well be my third child. Its breaking my heart. He’s only 5 yrs old. My kids are having a difficult time as well. You would never know he was sick. He has an incredible spirit about him and is always happy. I’m hoping because of that he will adjust well to not having a leg. I never thought I could learn much from a dog, but I must say he is a great teacher on how to live life everyday! If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear he is always smiling no matter what life throws at him. I love and admire him very much. So I’m not sure when I’ll fit in my INSANITY workout, but I’ll create the time somewhere in my day! I refuse to miss my fav Cardio Power and Resistance! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna do my best! :slight_smile:

I’m inspired by your blog posts to start going to the local gym! Keep posting.

Sorry to hear about your dog losing his leg…glad to know that he’s out of surgery and recovering. Will he get a prosthetic leg?