Insets falling apart

Recently I have had 4 separate insets fall apart during the insertion process. When I was cocking back the needle to inject it the entire interior housing came with it leaving 3 separate pieces. The lid, the white part with the needle and than the round housing. Anyone else have this happen? I have been on insets for 6 years and this has never happened; especially 4 times within a month. I called Animas and they are replacing each one but its still a pain. Any one else have this? They are the 90 degree original insets.

Had it happen once a couple of weeks ago. Animas replaced mine too, and were anxious to get the broken one back to have a look. Big shock when it happens huh? :slight_smile:

Thats funny b/c they did not want mine back saying it was a sharps risk (which it is) but I was surprised they did not want it.

I told them I had clipped off the needle. Really wanted them to see it!

Could you try explaining this a bit more? I’ve been using both the inset 90’s and 30’s, and the only problem I’ve ever had with the 90’s is when I inadvertantly pulled DOWN on the inset before it was fully cocked, and then the whole thing came off the inserter needle.

I’m trying ti visualize what’s happening to your insets. When I pull up on the white part to ■■■■ the inserter, the inset itself is pulled up too. Are you saying that the inset is not pulled up and falls off?

The actual white part that contains the needle comes completely off the round casing with the actual set and tubing still attached. So pretend you did not insert the site but were about to; when i ■■■■ back the entire white casing came out of the shell. Make sense?

It happened to me this week, but I was able to put it back together again and use it. I’m a little cheap… lol.

I am glad i'm not the only one having this problem, i thought it was just me. Next time i will call them and have it replaced.

Another one fell apart from a separate box so they are sending me all new ones. They did not seemed too concerned about it so hopefully it was just a few bad shipments....time will tell though!

I had this happen a couple of weeks ago too. I was able to put it back together and use it, so I didn't think to call Animas. Interesting that it has happened to others as well.

Silly question, but: when you are pulling it back to ■■■■ it do you have the tubing already threaded into the little grooved tubing holdet? Or do you hold it in your hand? Or do you let the tubing hang loose? If you are doing either of the first two then it could be the tension on the tubing causing it to come out of place and come apart. If you do it the last way, then ot doesn’t sound like a technique issue from here… Good luck!

Yup, also had this problem on 6mm 90 degree insets. Sent the whole box back to Animas as a few failed in this same way. Animas Canada wanted to see what was up - they replaced the box at no charge and included a prepaid shipping label so that I could return the faulty box.