Unwanted Insets

Hello Everyone-
I have switched Inset's for my pump and have SEVERAL boxes left over of the 90 degree 9mm Insets. Does anybody use these and would like me to send them to you? I am not asking for any $$ (except maybe shipping). I just want to be rid of them since they are taking up so much space in my basement.


I would love to take them off your hands.

I use the inset 2 90s as I feel safer that they won't come out. Shipping to Canada won't be too bad.

If that doesn't work for whatever reason, I'd love to be next on your list!

I don't believe mine are the Inset 2. Would you still be interested in taking them?

Hi Zoe-
It's a deal!

I'm assuming you're talking to hazatude? I did notice that you said 9mm and the ones I use are the inset 30s which are 13mm. Are yours not from Animas? Are they automatic insertion or the metal type you have to insert yourself?

Yes please.

Hi Zoe
These are the 90 degree insets not the 30 degree that you use. They are automatic though.

Great! We can talk off line and I can get your address and such. My email is jillkat1@yahoo.com

I got the insets today. Thank you very much, Jill!