Interested in some Diabetes attitude?

Here’s a thought I had. Something that might help you through the day and let folks know about Diabetes some more.

Read my blog post about Diabetes attitude.

Note: I made a composite of some face shots from TuDiabetes. If you are offended because your picture is on the composite, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.

Hi Bernard:

What about those that were not included in the composite? Should we be offended? Are we not good looking enough? ; )

Sorry Travis

I’d actually like to make a composite with ALL of the pictures. But for the blog post I was in a hurry, so I just randomly grabbed them from the first 8 or 10 pages of member faces.

And your picture has a great smile in it too, so you’d have been a perfect picture given the theme of the post.

…ok. I feel better. I turn 45 on 7/24, old age is making me a bit touchy. :slight_smile: