Intergrated Sensor

I was at my endo’s office a week ago, and he informed me that Medtronic is gonna be releasing the new pump that has a sensor integrated into it!! When I called Medtronic about it, a few months ago, they confirmed it, that they ARE indeed going to release it, but at that time, they didn’t know when, but my endo says it’s coming out this year.

you mean an infusion set that has a sensor and a cannula for insulin??? That would be amazing!

Have you heard any update on this new device. My insurance company has approved an insulin pump for me…but I’d like to have CGM if possible.

I just got the Omnipod and the CDE said that they were close to having the integrated pump and CGM as well. I said that I had hoped to hold out until the technology was there before I started pumping, but after 5 years, it was time. She said we’re better off getting on the pump before the new system comes out so we have the pumping down…we’d not be trying to comprehend both aspects at once. I thought that was a good point.

I think this sounds like great news, but…what about those of us (probably a lot of us) who already had our endo. recommend the non-i.s. pump, which I currently have and have used for a 1 yr? Wonder if my friends at United Healthcare will allow me to switch to this one when the required 2 yr. period the endo. says I have to meet w/ this Minimed pump is up --not til next Jan. unfortunately. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who gets this new I.S. model.
Thanks, and wish you luck,
Amy H.

Amy…don’t worry. I get the impression that we have a good while to wait.