Is Dexcom app working with IOS 14 on iPhone?

Anyone updated to IOS 14 yet? Any problems with Dexcom app? I’m sure Dexcom is saying they don’t support IOS 14 yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t work okay.


I’m scared to try. I usually wait till I see the bugs.

I’m also delaying as long as possible. Scared.

Thanks for the replies. I checked with the reddit dexcom folks (r/dexcom) and about 12 people are saying it works no problem, there are even people who have been using the iOS 14 beta for a couple months saying no problem with the dexcom app. And no one mentioning any bad experiences so I think I will do the update today.

I wanted to check around because I pay for dexcom out of pocket and therefore don’t have the G6 receiver - I rely totally on the iPhone to run the thing.

I really hope Dexcom is working on widget support for iOS 14 - realtime bg number on the home screen is the perfect use of the new widgets!


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I’ve updated and its working fine on my iPhone XS iOS 14 and my Apple Watch Series 3 iOS 7

Also here is another community discussing this, several people have chimed in its working for them.

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Works well on iOS14. I am using an iPhone X. Addition, I have not seen a battery life change. I was seeing battery life degradation over the last 6 months to a year.

I updated my iPhone seven to IOS 14 and my Looping program and Dexcom and OmniPod system seem to be working fine but I notice my battery life was significantly shorter after the update. I read that is not unusual after an update of the operating system since it usually takes a couple of days for your phone to get everything updated to the right settings.

Since I need the phone to run those programs I ordered a battery case for my iPhone to help avoid it shutting down from a discharge battery. The phone is three years old and the battery health is only 84% so it might be time to get a new phone soon.
The battery case worked great for a few weeks till it died. Now I just have to charge it during the day to keep it working. I have portable chargers I can use for a quick boost.

I have an update to 14.2 still pending but it works fine with 14.1 right now.

Thanks for all the replies. I updated mine and everything has been fine for 4 days. The Dexcom app and the SugarMate app are both working without issues. I hadn’t noticed the faster battery drain but I have heard that does happen for a few days after an update. iOS 14 looks to be a very solid update with some good features and refinements.

I have an iPhone 8 plus that I upgraded to iOS 14.1, and the Dexcom G6 app is not working properly at all. It intermittently goes into a “Signal loss” mode, even though it’s less than a foot from me. I chatted with Dexcom, and they confirmed that the app is not yet compatible with iOS 14, and they’re working on fixing it, but no date yet.

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Without thinking, I upgraded yesterday but it seems fine. So far… Keeping fingers crossed.

@MrMontag Did you upgrade?

I wonder because my iPhone 7 plus suddenly goes from 40% batterylife to shut down in seconds, and i wonder if an an upgrade from 13.6.1 to 14.2 (the available version) could fix that?

Any issues yet?

To answer my own question. This is from Reddit:

So I guess i just have to wait.

Not sure if you read through this thread, but basically the Dexcom G6 app is working fine with IOS 14 even though Dexcom is saying it is “not supported yet”. They say this because they are lazy.

The really annoying thing is IOS 14 has a new feature, widgets on home screen, that is a perfect fit for Dexcom if they would just update their app to support it. It would let you have a little widget on your home screen that constantly displays your current BG number without having to open the G6 app.

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@MrMontag: I did read through the tread and usually I just call my support at Dexcom and talk to someone who themselves has updatet their iOS and who can confirm it´s OK with no kinks.

This time taking a major step going from 13 to 14 I´ve waited it out. At Reddit I found ny answer and it seems that my iPhone (7 plus) is not at good match for iOS 14.2 which is the available update at the moment. As far as my research goes it seems that iPhone 7 is the only model that has run into trouble with iOS 14.

I´ve read about the widget on the home screen in iOS 14 and agree its´a nice feature. I´m using the widget screen swiping right on a locked phone with iOS 13, but widget on the home screen takes it a step further.

I agree, though you can set it to appear on the lock screen you see when you swipe-right. I have both Sugarmate and Dexcom readings there. You can also set “Hey Siri” to tell you your current number and how it’s trending, which I find handy when I’m driving.

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Widget looks like this swiping right from a locked screen:

Mine works

What iphone version are you using, and which ios 14 version?


I have an X-r and an xs. Both running so 14. Both work as well as they ever do.
U know I have to reset Bluetooth once in a while.

I have Iphone 7 with IOS 14.1 running OK for my DIY looping program but there is a an update to 14.2 pending which I have not installed. I am hesitant to do it cause it might then require me to rebuild the looping app to get it working again. I do have times where the watch and phone lose connection with Dexcom G6 CGM but the Dexcom receiver keeps working. It is frustrating then but it usually starts working again after awhile.