Is it Coke or Diet Coke?

I noticed couple of people that have diabetes cann’t tell the difference between a diet and a regular coke (am one of them). Would like to ask everyone here and see if it something common between us? Is it something that we lose taste for some reason?

EX: you are at a restaurant and the waiter placed 4 cokes at the table for you and your friends, only one is diet, they were mixed up, you can not taste the difference between a regular or a diet, but your friends can.

Can you taste the difference?

I can taste the difference… I don’t think it’s a D thing, I think some people are just more able to taste the difference than others… for years and years I couldn’t even bring myself to drink diet since it tasted funny, but then I started to prefer it (but still think it tastes funny)

I almost always drink diet if I choose to have a soda… so it’s not that I can taste the difference by not being accustomed to it. Regular has an almost burning aftertaste from all the sugar - and tends to taste like syrup.

hmmmm, may be I can taste the difference if I have a can from each, open and try.
Being more specific, how about the restaurants coke? since it will have ice and from the same machine!

I cannot tell the difference! I will not drink a diet soda anywhere if I don’t have someone with me that hates diet or isn’t diabetic. Otherwise, i will only order water or iced tea. But, If it is Diet Pepsi you can actually use a test strip and “test it” if it is diet it will read “low” if it is regular it will read"hi" really…but only works with Pepsi brand. I have tried it!! True. Read it on another web site and had to try it.

This note on the side : I have heard this suggestion , so you ( person with diabetes ) don’t drink the regular Coke etc. stuff , when in a bar/restaurant etc. : use a urine strip to check sugar content .People at bars have been known to make the error to serve the regular instead of diet drink .
As you noticed , not everyone can taste the diff.
And it could be detremental to one’s well -being .

I think the test strips are called Tes Tape. They’re not expensive & are supposed detect sugar in any food or beverage. So much for this from what Robyn relayed.

Restaurants screw up a lot. Sometimes also they hit the regular soda button first, realize it’s supposed to be diet & fill the rest with diet. You end up getting some sugar in with the diet.

I order club soda thinking it’s idiot proof, but got the wrong drink anyway. It was 7-Up! I use the official royal taster method also.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a diet pop of any kind. I used to drink regular Orange Crush and Fresca when I was a Teen. I only drink a glass of ginger ale if I have an upset stomach occasionally. I guess I’m popless. :slight_smile:

Fresca is diet :slight_smile:

Oh there is a difference in taste. Regular coke has a really sweet taste where your teeth feel like they are being eaten away. Before diabetes I would have never know this now I enjoy diet coke. Coke Zero tastes like regular Coke IMO and therefore do not care for it anymore.

Restaurants mess it up a lot. Often when you are standing there watching them do it – and then they deny that they messed up (or it was my fault for not screaming “DIET”). To me, regular Coke tastes kind of metallic. Not the smooth, perfect taste of my Diet Coke, with the right mix of carbonation, artificial sweetner and mellowness.

You can tell my the color… Diet is usually always darker and Regular is lighter. I know it seems weird, but it’s true.

Diet taste worse. But as a diabetic I prefer it to water if iced tea isn’t available. Also, diet seems more carbonated than regular cola.

After 27 years on the diet, I find the sugared stuff tastes worse. I think it is just a question of what we are used to.

I can tell the difference between regular Coke and Diet Coke. Before D I hated Diet Coke with a passion. If it passed my lips, I would spit it out. Not it’s exactly the opposite.

I find that regular Coke tastes thicker and much, much sweeter - to the point of making me feel like I have a mouth full of sugar.

And, quite the opposite of Jonathan, I detect a slight metallic aftertaste in Diet Coke! Judging by aftertaste is a little tricky these days since there are now varieties of Diet Coke using different sweeteners. That’s why I prefer to pour my own.


wish I could tell…my poor family and friends have to always test it for me and they HATE diet soda!! Love them for helping me!

lol, really! I will try it and see. When I said Coke I was referring to all fountain drinks, as you know Coke is a general term it could be Pepsi, Dr.Peper, Rite… :slight_smile:

Really! I know that some restaurants use a dark glass for Diet drinks!

Ewww, so Robyn meant urine strips!!! damn, I thought the blood ones!! Am dum how did I thought that!!! Jeez

Well I don’t think I will drink it after using a urine strip in it!! Unless I spill some on the table and test it!!

Thats cool having this kind of strips, I never thought they exist. Will see if I can find them at Wallmart

I hear you on that :slight_smile: