Is there a safe colon cleanser for us?

i’m newly diagnosed 7 days ago. i haven’t gone and i would like to. i had a cleanser at home but when i called the phone # on the bottle they said not recommended for diabetics. can somebody please recommend one for me. ive been all over the internet and just got more confused than ever. then I thougth of my new family here at tudiabetics.


Your best bet would probably be to add more fiber to your diet. I would think maybe the colon cleanser you are using contains sugar alcohols (?) Not sure without knowing the ingredients…Try something like Metamucil or Benefiber. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh raw veggies. I usually look for foods that contain 5 or more grams of fiber… Fiber One makes good cereals and snack bars too. You may also try a health food store where they can recommend something safe for diabetics. And don’t forget WATER!

If constipation is a “chronic” problem, you should also discuss it with your Dr. at your next appointment. This could be a symptom of dehydration or hypothyroid to name a few. In other words, something else could be going on which could in turn affect your diabetes management.

hi kristy,
right now i’m still trying to level out, which isn’t happening. 395 this morning! My dr said NO carbs till i get a good reading. remember i’m new to this and i don’t know how to eat correctly yet. i’m trying my best, what i think is good but then i find out there’s carbs in that food!! i haven’t gone to the bathroom yet (not a chronic problem), so I had a lean burger for dinner with a whole entire head of broccoli (steamed). I was s tuffed beyond belief and took a nap. Then later on for a snack I had salad greens with tofu on top with some lemon juice spritzed on top of that & 1 hard bolied egg. So I thought this mornings bs would be better. But it wasn’t. So I went to calorie king to check carbs for what I ate and just to check in general. I ate that whole brocooli and it had a lot of carbs, whereas my dr, said absolutely NO carbs right now.

So what do I eat? Don’t most veggies have carbs? I know meat and fish do not but then my friend is telling me I can’t have too much protein either. I just don’t know what to eat. But the main reason behind eating that much brocooli so I can go to the bathroom. And I still haven’t.

The pharmacist recommended miralax, so i just took it. i HOPE IT WORKS.Oops, sorry, caps locked.

besides veggies where else can i get fiber? can you tell how much help i need & how confused i am? I really don’t know what to eat right now.

thank you,

really, i had no idea. thanks for your thoughts. maybe when and if my bs ever gets down to normal i might take a risk or two.
amy:) 395 today

Try the benefiber or metamucil… not sure if they have carbs but the benefiber is supposed to desolve in anything…add it to your veggies or water; maybe even scrambled eggs(?)~or perhaps you just need good ol’ suppositories. Is your Dr just a GP? (general physician) or are you seeing an Endocrinologist? I highly recommend you see an Endo…Did your Dr suggest you see a dietician or a CDE? (Certified Diabetes Educator) If the Dr told you to do NO carbs then I feel he/she should have at least given you more information on what to eat. Just sounds to me like you were diagnosed and left on your own. Look into the Atkins diet or The Berstein Diet for very low carb meal ideas. Moderation on your food is essential… 1 cup of broccoli has about 4 grams of carbs which is probably fine…one head of broccoli…theres no telling! Calorie king is a good resource so keep using it…

What oral med are you on? Someone else had a post about metformin and that it can take up to 6 weeks to get any effect from it.

Just try again tomorrow Amy…We’ll help you understand this all we can…
Personally, I still think you’re T1…

My suggestion for the colon cleanse would be to read the ingredients then look those ingredients up on the web. A lot of them are herbal and some of the herbs have been known to raise blood pressure and various other problems if you are super sensitive.

Regarding your question with the veggies and carbs. Yes, veggies have carbs but your body is supposed to know what to do to break down and use those carbs… But if you eat processed foods and white rice and white breads, cakes and other sugars, … the body knows nothing about how to break it down and use the carbs from them… So it does break it down some but after a point because of the digestive juices… But not all of it. The rest gets pushed aside until the body can figure it out or take more time. We as a whole eat way too much. So the time needed to digest what we had at the last meal to the next is not enough… A veggie on the other hand has about a 1-2 hours if it is combined with other proper foods. During this time the veggie is digested and used completely as long as there is no mucoid plaque that coates the intestines and prohibits absorbtion of the nutrients. Hope this made sense. email me if I can be of further help with a few websites.

I am not a dr or anything these are just things I learned from books and the web.,

Here is a wonderful book all diabetics should read… I have no affiliation I just believe.