Is there an App for that?

Hi, I am looking for an easy App to look up nutrition values (mostly carbs). There are hundreds of Apps on the iPhone, but they mostly want to provide a whole diet plan and logging and tracking and such. I just want something simple to look up values. Thanks

I don’t know if you can really do better than google.

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I like CalorieKing. They publish an app that I keep on my phone. The food database search results are displayed in a standard food label format. This app makes it easy to denominate your portion size from volume measures like cups or tablespoons to weight based on ounces or grams.

Here’s a sample for one cup of blackberries.


I agree with @Terry4 on CalorieKing. My other choice is My Fitness Pal Pro because I like the total daily tracking of nutrients, exercise, etc.

Let us know what you learn. Sharing helps us all learn more and what others think is best.

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I use WW, but if I were not a member I would use CalorieKing.

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I use Bitesnap, recommended by someone here. It is one of the few apps that actually give the nutrient breakdowns of Daily Values as well, like CalorieKing (which I did not know about - thanks @Terry4), as well as have the app calculate the nutrients from a photograph of the food item.

I use an app called Sugarmate, which piggy-backs on Dexcom Share, allowing you to have your BG readings on your laptop status bar, and it is in many ways superior to the native Dexcom app in terms of BG data and how it displays it, so I have it on my phone as well. It has a built-in food lookup powered by something called Fatsecret. I find it really handy to have in-app when I’m checking BG before bolusing for a meal.


As others have suggested, Calorie King.

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I agree with @terry4, calorieking is good. I thought it was Australian because it lists a lot of the products under supermarkets you will only find here. But i guess there may be a setting to tailor it to your country.