It hit me today!

Today it really hit me that being a diabetic makes us different for the first time ever to be honest.

I was chilling with my friend and we both decided to have lunch she got her sandwich as well as the newspaper sat down and starting eating, I had to go to my bag get my meter out and test my levels then figure out the amount of carbs in my meal and then input it into the machine after that put everything away and move on to the injection have to get my needle out take it to the amount of that I need then take it before I can sit down to eat.

Then we wanted to go and have showers after eating she gets her towel and I am like I need to check my level she’s like you just done that but I know that I might not be at a save level to jump in the shower and do not want to faint in there, she goes off and jumps in the shower to do her business while I am taking my machine out check my level which shows 4.7 (84.6).

I am like no way am I going in the shower that low have to be above 7 at least so have to go food hunting get myself more food sit down and it all hits me and to be honest I felt sad that me and my friend are the same age similar build but diabetes can make us so different. I then went lower then I was to begin with from 4.7 down to 3.0 (54) so let’s guess who had to take her lovely warm shower later on...... The diabetic.

The diabetic… she who is responsible and strong and special. Keep on keepin’ on!

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It is 24/7 that is for sure!!

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True, true. The most minor ordinary events that other people just do are not the same for us. Thinking, planning, calulating, never doing most things without first weighing what it means for our diabetes.

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