It is finally a reality

I feel just like I did when I was a kid at Christmas. Anxiously waiting the UPS man to show up today. Spending all day sitting and waiting and waiting. I hear his truck pull up and run down the stairs. My pump is now here. Now the fun part waiting for training which at this point I have no idea when it is.

That’s great. Best of luck in getting training scheduled. I lucked out when my pump arrived and the Diabetes treatment center at the hospital happened to have a spot open for me, otherwise, I was going to have to wait a month. I only had to wait a week, which was fine. I also missed the UPS dude when they came a day earlier than expected

Medtronic is sending a CDE to my Dr’s office. I am his first patient on the pump so this should be interesting.

My dr was associated with a big endo practice, which was then associated with a diabetes treatment center. So, my CDE from the center trained me. Best of luck with your training and getting started!