The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

It’s here. My pump. The application and approval process went like greased lightening. Since then I have been reading anything and everything about pump life waiting for February 6th to come… the day it would be delivered. But wait a minute, yesterday - February 5th, after running my kids to swim lessons, I returned home to find a “we missed you” note from UPS. It had gotten here early, almost mocking me. UPS would hold it another day and return on the 6th. :>(

Knowing it would be delivered today, I planned my schedule so that I would be here all day, except for one quick kid pick-up around noon. Fortunately, I had someone at my house while I was out. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s when UPS showed up again. This time I had them; and the package from Medtronic was signed for and waiting for me when I returned home.

Now that it’s here I have some more waiting to do. I have a “pre-pump” education class with my ATL hospital ed center scheduled in a few days to circle up on my insulin use, etc. Then, I’ll know from then, when I can have my “certified” training and hopefully get off MDI’s. Looking forward to it, but still waiting…

Hey! I am waiting for my day to arrive the process went fast . AND NOW WE WAIT FOR UPS. iI only hope i get home before the sticky note goes on my door. Best of luck! and congrats! let me know when you start training.diabeticidol94

Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes once I have my initial meeting.

ok cool :slight_smile: what was the name of that book you are reading?