Still here and kicking!

Am still not sleeping even though doc gave me sleeping pills and she has increased me to two a night. I guess my body just won’t give up and go to sleep. I sleep around 2 maybe 3 nights a week. My husband has been so ill. He is a diabetic and was one long before I was. He has been in bed for the past three weeks. At one point he almost died from glucophage and they can’t seem to find out what is wrong with him. He has had accute pancreatitis three times in the las ten months. They keep asking him if he does drugs or drinks heavily, of which he does neither. He is allergic to all pain meds and has accute neuropathy throughout his entire body. He goes to a gastroenterologist next, but soonest opening they had was in August!! Told them he was in severe pain couldn’t eat or sleep, but they said they couldn’t get him in any sooner. I will be frank about my husband, his mother had diabetes and she had a very bad temper and was crabby all of the time!! In the last few years my husband has become the same way. He gets upset at the slighest little thing. I understand he is in alot of pain, I just wish they could find out what is wrong, his GP says he thinks his pancrease has stopped producing insulin and probably needs to be on 6-7 shots a day, so why not a pump?? I guess that’s why he is sending him to a specialist. Finally received all of the vitamins I did research online about. He has started on them today so we will see if it makes a difference. The man that told him about them was just like my husband until he started taking them. Now he is off of insulin completely! I know that everyone is different and different things work for each of us so I thought this wouldn’t hurt to try, so I am also taking them.
I can’t tell the difference in my pain, whether it is neuropath or the spinal cord pain. I just Know I am in pain all of the time. Guess that is why they put in the pain pump as I was at my wits end and couldn’t get control of the pain. I wish my husband weren’t allergic to every pain med they have given him. Then they put him on Januvia and that really made him sick just like the glucophage did. Now they say it causes cancer. I think Doctor’s use us as guinea pigs to try all of the new meds that come out. I don’t think they have a clue and haven’t really got a hold on diabetes. That is why, when I read all of the stories out here I know I’m not crazy. We all have to be our own advocates and do as much research on this as we can. That is why this site is so good for information and research on dirfferent things. I never realized when I joined how many different sides to diabetes there were. Their are so many things I have learned out here so thank all of you for your stories and keep posting any new things you learn for others. Thank God this is here for all of us. Well think I will try and lay down and watch TV, it’s almost 3 AM so should start getting some sleep here soon I hope. My heart felt thank to you all!!!