Its been forever and a day!

So its been quite a while since I have updated or even logged on here. Life has been quite busy.

Last summer my husband and I finally moved on campus, I got a new job, and we’ve been pretty happy since. We were in marriage counseling for a while after some disruptions in our lives, but we have worked thru that for the most part. We still have everyday problems (who doesn’t?!)

In December we found out that we are expecting a little Sullivan of our own. FINALLY!!! We struggled for 2 years to get pregnant, and last september, I had officially given up and realized that it would probably never happen for me. Two months later, I thought my period was going to start because my breasts were so sore I could barely stand it. Well they stayed sore and my period never came.
My husband was bugging me to take a pregnancy test, and I did have a few in the bathroom. But because I’m diabetic, I usually cannot wait to pee in the morning, and end up forgetting to use the first morning urine. At the time I thought it was a waste of pregnancy test on myself, because we have been trying so long and they always come up negative. So another week went by and I woke up one Saturday morning and didn’t have to pee urgently, so I walked downstairs to get a cup, walked back up, did my thing, put the urine in the test and placed it on the bathroom sink. I walked away to do something, and came back in a few minutes later to grab something out of the bathroom and almost forgot that I had taken the test. I peeked at it quickly and saw 2 lines on it. I did a double take, thinking I was still half asleep and wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. I double checked the box and sure enough, it said I was pregnant. My hubby had just gone to bed about an hour before I woke up, so I woke him up to tell him I took the test, and told him what it said. He was so exhausted, he was like yeah yeah and fell back asleep. I yelled at him “HONEY THERES TWO LINES!!!” and he opened his eyes and was like REALLY?
So I go to work, and its really hard for me to focus at this point because I’m in shock and disbelief, and I’m excited and scared…so many emotions!! I tell myself the next morning I will take another test to verify.

I went home, and made a beeline for the bathroom. (yeah, I couldn’t wait until the next morning)

Its positive too. I really start to freak out. So hubby and I had to run to the store for a few things, so I pick up 2 more pregnancy tests…one for me and one for him. (Don’t laugh!) When we get home, I mark his test with a blue dot so we know which one is mine, and we pee on our tests. Yep, I’m pregnant. Hubby definitely is NOT pregnant.

Right now we are less than a month from the arrival of our baby boy. He is 5.15 lbs right now, and is expected to weigh about 8 lbs at birth. I have had a complicated pregnancy, because I’m diabetic and very high risk for so many other things because I’m overweight. I have been on bedrest since week 29 (I’m at 34 weeks now.) My cervix was shortening and I was at very high risk for delivering too early. I am past that risk now, but they are still keeping a close eye on me because before that I was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure and my blood sugar had sky rocketed through the roof after some drama with a family member. They checked me for preeclampsia, which I didn’t have, but are still concerned about that time, so they are still checking me twice a week. Every since my blood pressure has been okay, with the exception of one time at the doctors office it was like 161/something. That may have just been from the brisk hike back the doctors office from the waiting room (my doctors office is huge!)

So everything is looking good. His room is almost all the way setup. We have his crib setup, and his dresser with all his bedding and clothes in it. We still have to put together his stroller and bouncy chair, and I am waiting to make his bed until it gets closer to birthtime because I don’t want the cats sleeping in there getting fur all over everything. We have the carseat in the car. So everything is coming together quite nicely.

OH! We got 4D pictures yesterday, and he looks like his mommy. He’s got the McHenry nose, and mommy’s cheeks…he’s adorable. I will post a picture after I’m done writing this.