Weigh in


I have had a couple of surgeries in the last couple of months and have not been online much…I will weigh tonight and weigh in on Mondays…Have a great week everyone! I’ve got to catch up on messages…:slight_smile:


HI Glenda:)
I wasnt aware you were having surgeries. ugh! Are you doing ok? How are your numbers with so much extra going on?


I am doing much better. I had varicose vein surgeries on both legs…Well actually it’s my mom with diabetes. That was the original reason that I joined the site, although I have neuropathy…my levels are usually GREAT! I’ve never had high readings. Last week I started feeling “off” and my mom checked my sugar when I got home from work (I walked and swam in the pool before I got home) and it was 134 or 135…can’t remember which. About an hour after supper she checked it for me again, before she went to bed and it was 161. The next morning before breakfast she checked it for me again and it was 100. These are high readings for me.


I had a banana this morning and I juiced some carrots and an apple together, for lunch I had a green salad with reduced fat cheddar cheese, multi grain croutons and olive oil vinagrette dressing…around 4:00 I had some Activia yogurt and an apple. When I left work I went to the pool and walked for 30 minutes in the water and then swam and did some other water exercises for 15 minutes. When I came home at 7:30 tonight, we checked my sugar before I ate and it was 106. For what I did today…shouldn’t it have been lower?

I weighed 223.5


Wow! those numbers are pretty good for before you ate:) Actually, keep up the great exercise, eat similar to that always and your numbers will go down to between 60 and 90 which is what Dr.Furhman says is normal non-diabetic numbers. I can achieve the same numbers “if” I were consistent with a vegetarian diet. sigh… I’m just not well disciplined.