It's only me, JOHNBEN

I’m just waiting for spring and you remember why don’t you? Don’t tell me you have forgotten already? Shame on you! Or maybe you had other things to think about. In that case, well OK than, but otherwise still the same shame on you! HAHA. When spring is here I open the windows, because when I play the piano, the birds come inside and sit on the piano to sing along. You remember now? See I told you so!! So far no spring! There is a cold wind blowing every day that makes walking a cold experience. Yet two, 20 minutes walks per week will keep your sugars down and your general health so much better. I believe that walking is one under estimated thingy, in keeping us a sort of fit! My last HGA1C was 5.9 and I was really not expecting it to be that low. This is a measure to see if your sugars in your body are reasonably behaving over a 3 month period. People who want to mislead the doctor often behave really good in the last week before seeing the doctor. The HGA1C will tell the doc that they trying to look good but during the 3 months they did not respect their health condition. I never can understand that. I just had them take my blood here in Canada and get the result mailed to me.
I believe that that blood is not thrown away, but is sold off to some place, REALLY JOHN? No not really! Oh yeah and thissum…

Attorney; Are you qualified to give a urine sample?
Wittnes; Are you qualified to ask that question?

Attorney; When your husband recovered what did he say?
Wittness; Where am I Cathy?
Attorney; And why did that upset you?
Wittnes; My name is Susan.

Well, this has to do!

Greetings from JOHNBEN.