I'm relatively new to the Ping (since October) and I'm running out of my IV3000 Infusion Sets that I last ordered when I was still using my Minimed. I use the Comfort Short infusion sets so I only occasionally need some extra protection for the set. Does Animas sell these? Or am I going to have to order them from Medtronic?

Do you mean the things to tape the infusion sets down? Yes, Animas sells that. Look on their website. Personally I have started using rolls of tape from the pharmacy (the kind in the first aid section). Works just as well, easier to open and use and a lot cheaper! I use the Contact Detach (metal infusion sets) and find they pull out easier than the plastic ones for which I never needed tape.

Yes the plastic things that hold the infusion set down. Are they the type that have the hole cut out for the top of the infusion set? They don't look like it and there are two types offered, which I can't tell the difference between.
I was using tape, but I find that the corners leave scratches on my skin and in the depths of the DC summers,the tape can't hold up in the humidity.

No, they don't have holes cut out; they are just thin plastic pieces to hold the infusion set down. On the Animas website there is, I believe, the IV3000 and the skin tac which is something different, a thing you rub on the skin like an alcohol prep but it's supposed to help with sticking. The IV3000 comes in with frame and without frame and I think the difference is whether you can do it with one hand but don't quote me on that part!

In the distant past when I was on the phone placing an order for supplies I asked about one of their infusion products and she asked if I would like a sample sent to me so I could compare it. Perhaps they would do this with the specific styles you are interested in. At least it is worth a try.
This was about 5 years ago…I was using Comfort Short for the most part but still liked the Medtronic Quick-sets from a previous pump and asked Animas if they had anything like the Quick-set. She sent me (for free) one of each of the two Animas versions of what they carry in the 90 degree infusions, and two samples of their extra protection type tape.
(I ended up trying theirs for a year but went back to the Quick-set when I want a 90degree instead of a 30degree (I order those from Medtronic) because I wanted something that I insert myself rather than having a plastic spring-like insertion helper that doesn’t work with my thougher skin).
So… I use both the Comfort Short from Animas and Quick-Set from Medtronic and have never needed the extra stick tape-type protection for either sets.
Ask about samples.

IV3000 patches are available online. Try Amazon. I use the Comforts (previously the Silhouettes when I was a medtronic pumper) and have never used anything to cover the sets (I used the IV3000 with the CGM sensors).

The annoying thing about the Comforts is that they are not available in the medium length (32"/80 cm) tubing that I used to use with the Sils. I find the shorter tubing too short and the longer tubing too long.