Jewel Pump

Has anybody heard of this new pump? This was the first I have heard of it. It is now pending FDA approval. It looks like it has many of the features people are looking for in a patch pump.


I saw it yesterday - it looks really cute!

Oh yeah, I can see me in one of these…

What a marvel!

Has this been FDA approved? I see the press release talks about them demoing this at the ADA event in Orlando, but no info on whether or not it’s available in the States.

According to this article of even date, “FDA clearance is now pending, . . .”

How is this different from the Omni Pod besides being a tad smaller?

derrr, reading comprehension fail on my part! :slight_smile:

That’s the point it’s smaller and I guess you will be able to disconnect It from the cradle without having to put a new site(pod) on, it will be cheaper because if that, and of course it’s so slim. I’m waiting fir omnipod to get smaller instead, plus my insurance covers it and they have been around longer.

Aahh! That will be great (the disconnectability)! I would love to take the little Jewel for a test drive. I too am waiting for the Omni Pod to get smaller, I’ve been told “sometime soon” for the last 2 years. I just talked to an Omni Pod rep last week and she said not until 2011 now. Are you on the Pod now?

Sorry about disconnecting the Omni from the Pod in my earlier post, I now realize it is OmniPod. I must have been too excited about the disconnectability of Jewel. hee hee

I’m on the omnipod now, I can’t wait till it gets smaller. Sometimes I end up sleeping on it…

Another great feature is that it detects temperature in the reservoir…only pump I know of that can tell you if insulin is degrading! Important if you are out in the heat or wear reservoir longer.

Has a really accurate chip that allows small pulses of insulin over shorter durations…great for use w/ fast insulins to keep bgs in normal ranges…I work really hard w/ current hardware to minimize postprandial bumps. Usually = lows later. This may be the ticket

Also really like that you can move the site…6days (450 U) of insulin is a lot and would like to move it around and get full use out of the reservoir.

Oh, and simple design things…no hard edges to get caught on cloths, and bright colors on screen for the PDA etc. Thanks to the design team!!

I checked it out on

If anyone has heard when it will be available…please post. Thanks:)

has anybody had trouble with medicare to pay for their omini pods and did they pay for them thank you roy