Joined the CGMS Club and Questions

I got my Seven on Saturday at 7 am by Fedex. I got hooked up on Saturday and things are working great on my end. My CDE would like me to email here reports but she can't recieve html,word, or excel files thru their hospital firewall. Any suggestions on another format to try? Chef

Print the reports out and fax them or if you upload your data to a site, give her your user name and password. That is how my Medtronic Rep/nurse looks at my data works great. I just made sure to make the password something that I don’t use on my main accounts.


My thoughts were the same as David’s. Congratulations on getting the Seven. I’ve found mine to be such a wonderful tool.

Google Docs is a great way to share files.

or just print them out and fax them to the hospital. Surely they have a fax machine there??? How are you liking your Dex? I feel naked without mine now:)

Toni, I love my Seven. Even with having the flu I am keeping my blood sugar between 89-157 since Monday. It has allowed me to head off lowes were I seem to drop like a rock for no ryhme or reason.