Just a cocktail of chemicals

When you have a lot of time on your hands your mind can throw up all sorts of things some good some not so good if you are not careful before you know it the deep pit of depression can set in and make life unbearable you may be surrounded by loved ones but the grip of depression failure and helplessness can overcome even the strongest of people,64 years of memories experiences thoughts love and anger may not be clear to see on your face but inside the tentacles of depression dig deep into your soul like bindweed chocking anything that gets in it’s path.

One minute you can be happy laughing and full of the good things life has to offer the next minute you can be in a thick fog with your brain wanting to explode how do you get to this stage I suspect it is all down to chemical reactions in the brain too much of this too little of that and there you are,well I think that is what happens not being qualified it may all be balderdash one thing is for sure it is easy to be dragged down trod on and abused by others intentionally or not,when others have no respect for you and treat you like something you tread on in a field of cows it is not east to shrug it off shake yourself down and pick yourself up pills help but who wants to take more pills when you are already taking 14 a day as it is plus insulin and victoza.

The Sun is shinning now here in the Shire,what I love is the changes you can get on some days Sunshine rain hailstones snow storms thunder and lighting I an feel like that myself happy moody loving angry the change of emotions and feelings take some controlling I have to admit some days I loose the battle, I pray I have not passed any of my bad genes to our kids and there children but having said that I must have got mine from someone in the family what has this to do with diabetes I hear you say the human body and mind is a delicate balance of all sorts of things as I have said more of this or less of that throws that balance out of kilter,and so do emotions feelings and medication of course there are a lot more things to consider and take into account having said all that I just want a peaceful life with my family all around me is that too much to ask.